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  • What is Laser Cutting and Why to Opt for It?

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Metal fabrication has taken a significant place in the world. Metal fabrication is used to give a desired shape to the metals as per project requirements. There are many ways these metals are fabricated such as bending, welding, and cutting. When it comes to metal cutting, there are many methods used by the metal fabricators. One such method is laser metal cutting. It has carved a niche for itself in the metal fabrication industry due to some exceptional benefits it offers. You have to hire a laser metal cutting service provider for your industrial or home DIY project requirement.

In this article, we will discuss the laser cutting method and some of its advantages.

What is the laser cutting method and how it works?

Laser cutting method is a process of cutting or engraving a metal or a material with the use of focused high-powdered laser beam. The beam is directed by CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machine.

Whether you have a metal such as carbon steel, aluminum or stainless steel or materials such as plastic, wood or rubber, you can get high-quality and accurate outcomes with the laser cutting method. With the automatic computer-controlled programming, it will decide how and where the interface is integrated into the metal or material. You can get the sheet metal part of almost any shape with this method.

There are mainly two types of lasers used in metal cutting called CO2 lasers and neodymium (Nd). generally, most of the metal fabricators use CO2 lasers.

A laser tube emits the laser beam when a current is passed through it. The mirrors point the beam through a focal lens and the lens focuses the beam onto the point of a sheet metal and melts, vaporizes or burns. As per the predefined vector file provided to the machine, the point moves along the cutting line.

The laser cutting method leaves almost no waste and offers excellent finishing. It is the reason for its popularity.

Now, let’s move to some of the advantages the laser cutting method offers:

It saves a huge time for the metal fabricator. The process is completely automated and takes less time compared to other traditional methods such as plasma cutting or sheering. In addition to that, the accuracy and precision are excellent too.

Keeping the work-piece in the right position is easy with this method.

The work-piece does not come into direct contact with a cutting tool. It eliminates any chances that it accidentally gets moved on the cutting bed and therefore errors in cutting are eliminated. The metal itself has none or very little debris.

Here, the heated area is very small which reduces the possibility of material deformation. In the traditional methods of separation, the heat literally melts the material. The laser cutting method eliminates such possibility.

It requires less energy to cut the sheet metal compared to other traditional methods.

It is a versatile method and you can cut a wide range of materials and metals such as wood, ceramics, plastic and metals such as aluminum, carbon steel, and aluminum.

It is a computer-controlled method and requires minimum human intervention. Also, it is a highly precise method to cut materials and methods. Also, due to low human intervention, it also reduces any chances of accidents or injuries.


If you are looking for highly accurate sheet metal fabrication for your DIY project, you can always rely on the laser cutting method. You can contact Metals Cut 4U, one of the finest sheet metal fabricators with a good reputation, especially in offering metal fabrication services for DIY projects.

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