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  • 4 Ways Metal Fabrication Can Benefit You

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Metal fabrication is the process of creating something out of metal. This may be anything from an accessory to a vehicle, a factory conveyor line, a base for a table, or a piece of artwork. Metal fabrication is a great opportunity to create a high-quality product that will stand the test of time. Here are some of the basics of metal fabrication and just a few of the many benefits of utilizing metal for your next project.

Fabricating Basics

The first step of metal fabrication is using machines or tools to cut your metal piece down to size. This can also include drilling, shaping, honing, and more. These processes can be done manually or automated depending on the shop. The fabricators will then utilize equipment such as hydraulic brakes which can shape the metal with any angles required. The final step is welding. This process joins multiple pieces of metal together to create the project you ordered. The resulting piece will be strong, heat resistant, and cost effective.

Customizing for Your Style

Metal fabrication is commonly done in steel. This is because steel is cost-effective, easy to weld, and easy to hammer into shape. If you upgrade to stainless steel, it is also anti-corrosive. Non-stainless steel can be powder-coated into any color you wish. However, you can also choose other metals in fabrication, including brass, copper, and aluminum. When fabricating your own metal piece, you can make it any size or shape you can imagine. Instead of trying to fit your needs to a set of standard dimensions, you can make something fit your own unique needs.

Repairing for Longevity

One of the biggest benefits of metal, particularly steel, is that dented or corroded pieces can be cut out and new pieces can be welded on to fix them. If strength is more important than aesthetics, then the welded patch can be quick and inexpensive. However, metal can also be polished and/or painted to look new if you want to spend time making it look perfect. With there being repair options to fit every budget, it’s certainly a great option.

Scaling Ability for All Projects

If you have designed the next big thing, metal components can be templated and built on a larger scale for distribution. Not only does this allow you to build a lot of items for a reasonable price, but it also gives you opportunities to provide some custom adjustments based on the template. This can allow you to create the same product over and over again. It also provides the flexibility to make adjustments over time if required.

Recycling for the Green Minded

If you have a clientele that is interested in green products, metal is a great building option when compared to plastic. Not only is metal waste better for the environment than plastic waste, but metal is recyclable. Scrap pieces also have value and can be sold to scrap companies for money. Once there, the waste will avoid landfills and instead be rebuilt into new building materials. Then you can put the extra money toward your next big project!

Metal fabrication is a process that can benefit almost anyone who has access to a fabricator. Businesses benefit from metal-fabricated buildings, roofs, vehicle components, and products. The marine industry uses metal-fabricated boats, dock posts and cleats, and even storage boxes. Homeowners can get metal fireplaces, stairwells, retaining wall components, cabinet hardware, towel bars, and more. Work with your local metal fabricator to learn more about what is possible. They’ll have the knowledge and know-how to get your project done right.

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