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  • How to Recycle Leftover Scrap Metal at Your Welding Shop

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The world is quickly evolving and going the ecofriendly way. Most individuals have found ways of recycling scrap metal that are aimed at protecting the environment. Metals typically end up in large scrap yards. There are many reasons why people are recycling scrap metal. Metal is limited in supply, creating an opportunity for the metal to be recycled and reused in various industries. Recycling of metals usually takes place in the non-ferrous and ferrous types of metal. Non-ferrous metals include aluminum, brass, and copper, and are made into pipes, silverware, and other products. The ferrous metal has steel which is commonly used in making household items. Let us brush over some of the ways of recycling scrap metal at your welding shop.


It is the first step in recycling metal at your welding shop. It involves having designated containers to collect the various types of metals. The process includes collecting all kinds of materials that contain metals. At your shop, you may allocate a yard for collecting the scrap metals.


Sorting is the immediate step after collection. It involves separating the metals in terms of what is recyclable and what is not—doing this helps you create quality products from the scrap metals that are already discarded because you have already identified the use of the particular metal. The rule of the thumb is just that. The product needs to contain 50% metal. Scrap metal is specified either as ferrous or non-ferrous. How to determine whether the metal is any of the two, you need to use a magnet. The nonferrous type doesn’t stick to the magnet, while the ferrous type sticks to the magnet.


The process involves breaking the metal into smaller pieces. The small details are easy to process as they contain a higher surface area compared to the volume ratio. Once the process is complete at your welding shop, you can convert aluminum into sheets. Breaking the metal into smaller pieces will help make recycling them a lot easier. There is always a way to make recycling easier, you just have to be inventive.

Melting and Purification

Melting usually takes in different temperatures of the furnace. Melting varies depending on the type of metal involved and the degree of the furnace. It usually is heated depending on the component of the metal. Purification immediately takes place where it is done to ensure that the metal is free from any impurities.

Transportation of Purified Metal Bars

Different metal bars are used by various industries that require metals. Depending on the shape, most companies will come to a welding shop to purchase. At this stage, then recycling can begin since it is a cycle. There is always time to recycle metal, it just makes sense. No point in starting from scratch.

Those mentioned above are some of the steps to take when recycling scrap metal. It is a profitable business to venture into. Metal is one of the items you can regularly recycle.

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