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  • Bizarre Dog Behavior: Why is Dog Licking Floor?

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Dog daycare could be a really frustrating experience to get a pet owner. If it’s the dog is licking their paws, their pet parents, or even the furniture, it is an unusual quirk which could be utilized for owners. When it comes to licking, dogs frequently prefer licking surfaces, such as the carpeting, or even the flooring.

The question is why? What are a few reasons for this particular obsessive dog behaviour? There are lots of motives — many are comparatively benign; others might be a reason for concern.

Anxiety Issue

A puppy licking a carpeting, or whatever, over and over again may be an indication of anxiety. This awful habit might be an indication you want to take action until the issue gets worse.

When puppies are feeling great, you are aware of it. From time to time, dogs may nearly even look like they’re grinning at you. An apprehensive dog, though, will frequently give off negative signals. They may, as an instance, always be licking surfaces around your property. They may also begin panting, or badger too.

How dogs hold their own ears are sometimes a terrific sign as to whether they’re experiencing stress.

Dogs with floppy ears may occasionally move them back a little if they are stressed. Should they have short pants, they may either put flat, or become more vertical than normal. The lips will also be excellent signs of dog behaviour. If a puppy is feeling anxiety, they may seem to be grimacing. Other indications of potential issues are growling, barking, or even whimpering over ordinary.

If your pet is exhibiting signs of anxiety, speak with your vet. They could recommend unique means of fixing the matter.

Possible Health Problems

From time to time, a puppy licking an obsessive style may be the indication of some sort of health problem. Compulsive licking does not only signify a puppy licks the ground or floor. Additionally, it may consult with licking their elbows, or a different portion of the body.

Compulsive licking may, in some cases, be a sign that something is happening that has to be dealt with by means of a vet. In 1 study, researchers looked at 29 puppies. Nineteen of these licked obsessively. The investigators found that 14 of those puppies with excessive barking problems had an inherent gastrointestinal dilemma, including giardiasis, pancreatitis, or delayed gastric emptying. After fixing the issues, the researchers chose to see the puppies for three weeks.

Licking was considerably decreased in 10 of those dogs that had been diagnosed with stomach issues.

Here is some extra info on health problems that might result in visitors to lick the carpeting. Remember a puppy licking obsessively is not always a definitive indication of these issues — but it is well worth keeping in your mind.


Giardiasis is a disorder brought on by a parasite which infects the gastrointestinal tract. This can’t just result in weight loss and migraines, but additionally vomiting and nausea. Dogs with giardiasis will occasionally show no indications of the issue, nevertheless. When a puppy drinks contaminated water, then the parasite gets to their gut. Other regions where the giardia parasite has been located include feces and soil.

A puppy licking themselves, along with even the carpeting, or another thing, is not always a symptom of giardiasis. But in case your puppy obsessively pops while they are out, the odds of picking the parasite may grow significantly. Schedule a consultation with your veterinarian to ensure your pet does not have this ailment.

Pancreatitis Problem

This can be a serious health problem which affects your pet’s life — an organ which plays a significant part in assisting your own body break down the foods that they consume. The pancreas secretes digestive enzymes which help with digestion. In case the pancreas gets bloated, digestive enzymes are able to move to your pet’s gut. This frequently contributes to the enzymes really breaking other organs, like the kidneys and liver. As you may imagine, pancreatitis in dogs are able to in certain extreme circumstances, be deadly. Symptoms include tiredness, loss of appetite, difficulty breathing, nausea, and nausea. While an excessive amount of calcium or fat in the bloodstream would be the common causes, obesity and also consuming poisonous substances (for instance, rancid foods) may also be a contributing element.

Delayed Gastric Emptying

As its name suggests, delayed gastric emptying takes place when food does not proceed throughout your pet’s digestive tract in the right pace. This motion is also referred to as gastrointestinal motility. If your pet vomits undigested food about 12 hours or so after eating, this can be an indication of an issue. A puppy’s stomach ought to be empty everywhere from 6-8 hours following a meal. Deficiency of appetite, sudden weight reduction and repeated belching are different indications of delayed gastric emptying. 1 possible contributing factor to the affliction is the intestinal blockage.

Constant licking of this carpeting could lead to the intake of carpets. As time passes, this may donate to a congestion.


There are a number of cases in which a puppy licks compulsively only because they are bored. Licking is just one common outlet to get a weary puppy, since is chewing. This kind of dog behaviour could be troublesome, but in addition, it can be repaired.

The very first thing that you should do if you suspect you have a tired dog is to be certain they are getting as much exercise as you can. Some strains are considerably more lively than others, as well as the high heeled breeds may get easily bored consequently. Rather than watching your puppy licking the carpet daily, get outdoors and play together! Hide-and-go-seek and bring are only a couple of the actions that consumers just love.

You may also need to think about getting a few new toys every once in a while, so that your very best friend will get something different to play. Doing this will keep them happy and energetic.

Separation Anxiety

Plenty of dogs can not stand being away from their owners for any protracted time period. Separation anxiety is also, sadly, common among puppies. An individual with separation anxiety will probably occasionally obsessively lick the floor, carpeting, a body area, or some thing different as a type of coping mechanism.

Some researchers feel that if a puppy licks something, it releases toxins within their mind. These compounds help calm down the dog. The longer a puppy pops, the more frequently the more endorphins will be published. The longer these endorphins are published, the longer the dog will stink.

The Way to Quit Dog Licking Behavior

If you have experienced dog milling around your house, you’ve mastered a medical cause of your awful habit, and you are all set to do something about it, then there are a couple of things that you may try. 1 technique is to create your house surroundings as stress-free, nevertheless stimulating, as you can.

An animal behaviorist could have the ability to assist you pinpoint the origin of stress and eliminate it.

If it can not be eliminated (by way of instance, if the origin is a pet, or even a brand-new baby lately introduced into the house), you will find different techniques to cover the matter.

Some folks utilize homemade “stink repellents” to prevent this awful habit. Dilute a hot sauce or skillet with water, then put the mix into a spray bottle. If your puppy pops a given area of the ground or carpeting on a regular basis, spray just a bit of this mix on such place and see whether this solves the issue. If your puppy pops up on their paws, or a different body area, spray the mix on such part.

You are going to need to ensure the spray is not too warm, needless to say, as you don’t wish to run the danger of your pet thinning their skin or tongue. Additionally, there are over-the-counter products which are made to prevent dog licking.

Wrapping it Up

As irritating as obsessive licking may be it is important to concentrate on deciding the rationale or reasons for this. Do not become mad with your puppy. Figure out why it is occurring, then take the measures required to prevent this bothersome puppy behaviour. If your veterinarian has ruled out any type of health issue then head toward reliable and affordable pet care to get the precautions as well as ask them everything you can do in order to address other possible reasons why your pet proceeds to lick.

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