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  • 5 Factors You Need To Consider When Choosing New Flooring For Your Office

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When it comes to discussing different parts of an office, flooring is probably something that comes up last.

The question is why is that?

Why do we not pay more attention to the flooring, since it serves such an important function?

Depending on the kind of office space you have, you need to choose the flooring accordingly. In this article, we look at the five key factors that should be considered when choosing new flooring for your office.

However, before we get to the list, let us first look at the importance of flooring in office spaces.

Office Flooring: Why it deserves more attention than it gets right now?

According to experts, office flooring plays a very important role in boosting productivity in a workspace.

Let me try to give you an example to illustrate this point.

Imagine you have an auto service repairs business. This means the movement of heavy machinery, lots of greases, the need for more grip, and so on. In this location, installing marble flooring would not be such a great option. What you need would be tough flooring that can withstand all the abuse that an auto repair shop is usually known for.

Now put the same logic and think about the flooring in an educational institution. In such a place, commercial lvt flooring would be the best option. This would ensure that the children do not slip and fall and that the surface is easy to clean and maintain.

Both these examples show the importance of flooring and why more attention should be paid to the same.

List of 5 Factors to Consider when Choosing New Flooring for your Office

1. The Brand and Manufacturer –

It is necessary that you go for good brands when it comes to flooring. Ask your contractor what kind of flooring he suggests and then do online research about the brands that make it. While you do not have to go for the most expensive ones, going for the cheapest option is not advisable either. Good brands make products that are able to last for a longer period.

2. The Warranty that is given by the Brand –

Make no mistake, flooring is expensive. It can start from a few dollars per square foot to thousands of dollars. This means that this is not something you would want to do regularly. Ensure that the brand and manufacturer can give you some warranty. This will ensure that the flooring is going to last for extended lengths and you do not have to spend again.

3. The Selection of the Contractor –

Getting the flooring right is not an easy task. It requires years of experience and expertise. Most people go for the best flooring options but get the worst contractor for the installation part. This is a mistake you should look to avoid making. A good contractor can make ordinary flooring look good, and good flooring look great!

4. The Kind of Usage it will be Subject to –

What you are going to do on the office or workspace floor should inform your selection process. Factory floors need to be differently laid out and should be composed of harder and tougher flooring. Normal corporate offices where people work desk jobs and use the computer need a different set-up. You also need to pay attention o the underground wires for IT and so on.

5. The Condition of the Building where you are taking the office in –

People normally do not pay attention to what condition the building is in when opting for their flooring. However, experts point out that they should. If the building is too damp or its water lines are leaking, the flooring would start weathering away after some time. You need to ensure that the building, its structures, and water lines are in perfect order so as not to spoil the flooring.

The Bottom Line

Did you know that 70% of all Slip and Fall Personal Injury Lawsuits take place because of faulty flooring? If you do not want your business to be at the receiving end of a similar lawsuit, it is time that you pay attention to the flooring in your office space. If you wish to know more, let us know about your queries in the comments section below.

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