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  • 5+ Excellent Late Summer Flowers and Basket Gifts

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People love to send flowers to their loved ones because they are meaningful. They convey lots of emotions, and one can use them to express what they feel on different occasions. The summer heat can be ruthless to many because of the scorching sun. But what I love about summer is that it comes with blooms of all kinds that you can send as gifts or plant in your garden. There are numerous summer flowers that you can send to your loved ones as gifts. Here are some of the best summer flowers and flower baskets to send to your loved ones.




I have chosen to start with these bright yellow blooms because they shine bright in summer. If you choose to send these awesome summer blooms, then you should go for the smaller variety that fits very well in a basket. Sunflowers look lovely when presented in a basket as standalone flowers or with other summer blooms. If you want to tell your recipient that they brighten up all your mornings, sunflowers are the best flowers to send. You can also plant sunflowers in your garden. Sunflower seeds are large, easy to plant seeds, making them perfect for kids to participate in planting. Sunflowers come in many varieties, and the classic single-stem types called the Mammoth Russian can grow up to 15 feet tall. This type of sunflower produces huge plate size blooms, and their seeds are used as food. There are also other shorter varieties such as the ‘Ring of Fire,” that grow up to 5 feet with about 4-5 feet with 5-inch flowers. These types of sunflower flowers make perfect vase flowers. We also have smaller varieties that only reach 2 feet tall.


marigolds flowers

Marigolds Flowers

Although marigolds are wonderful perky yellow or orange flowers that look awesome planted in the garden in summer, they also make great floral gifts such as bouquets and vase flowers. Marigolds have a distinctive odor that can be used to keep pests at bay. Many marigold varieties resemble daisies. You can send this summer flowers to any of your friends or family who has a birthday, anniversary, or any other occasion. If you plan to plant these flowers, you should know that they do well in full sun and should be watered regularly.


rose mallow flower

Rose Mallow Flower

The rose-mallow flower is also known as swamp hibiscus and makes a wonderful garden sensation. These types of summer flowers were bred wildflowers native to the East and South. They produce huge blooms that come in red, white, or pink. They bloom from late winter until frost, and their stems die back to the ground every winter. We also offer the rose-mallow flower at Cosmea Gardens if you want to plant or send it to a loved one as gifts. To grow them, they require constant watering and full sun. They grow from 2-8 feet depending on the variety you want. With their red hues, you can remind your spouse that he or she is the only person you are thinking of right now and forever.


zinnias flower

Zinnias Flower

Zinnias are also awesome summer flowers that bloom in plenty the entire summer. You can have them as cut flowers to be presented as bouquets, or you can plant them in your garden to make a bright landscape to complement other darker hues. Although all zinnias do well in hot weather, the profusion variety of zinnias go on blooming into fall regardless of the weather. Some of the zinnia varieties that have won awards as garden flowers include profusion white, orange, and cherry. These varieties have flowers that look like daisies. To grow them in your garden and enjoy these wonderful summer blooms, you need to expose them to full sunshine and water them regularly. You can send zinnias to any of your friends and loved ones by ordering them from Cosmea Gardens.

Evergreen Candytuft

evergreen candytuft flower

Evergreen Candytuft Flower

Evergreens are small clusters of delicate white flowers that usually bloom in spring and continue to bloom into fall. This type of summer flowers appear in low-growing clumps and have leaves that are dark green and shiny. They are known as evergreens because their leaves remain fresh throughout winter, look attractive, and be used as Christmas decorations. To plant them, they need regular watering, plus you can place them under a partial shade or in full sun.

Purple Coneflower

purple coneflower

Purple Coneflower

These are perennial blooms that bloom from mid-summer into autumn. They come in pink and purple hues, making them perfect flowers to send to parents who have just had a newborn baby girl or boy. Pink is perfect for girls, while purple works well for boys. They look like daisies, and they grow up to 4 inches. These are known to attract butterflies and Last for a long time as cut flowers. Are they feeling like getting these awesome hues? Just go to Cosmea Gardens and put it in your cart.


Who said that the summer heat doesn’t come with awesome blooms? As you can see, there are just a few selections of summer flowers that bloom in summer. Most of these blooms make great garden flowers, and you can also send them as summer flower gifts to those who are having a summer event or occasion.

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