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Wedding anniversary! These two words are not just mere words. They hold back the biggest day of your life. It becomes an excuse for a couple to celebrate and cherish the day they tie the knot and vowed to be with each other for the rest of their lives. Doesn’t it feel the same when you look back to your D-day, and every memory appears to be so fresh and rejuvenating? Since when you enter marital life, you do understand that apart from sharing all the love, a healthy marriage also needs to attain the level of understanding, trust, and support. So, all these do not happen overnight. It is a gradual process that is achieved over the years of holding on together. So, every milestone calls for a celebration, right? Yes, they do.

Making an anniversary unique is not an easy task. Moreover, when you are married, thinking of different and unique ideas every year can be mind-wrenching. So, whatever you do to make the day special, just make sure you better-half notice your efforts. You can send flowers online, or you can even arrange a surprise dinner. There are many ways to make your loved one feel on cloud nine.

wedding and healthy relationship

Wedding and Healthy Relationship

A bit of personal advice that I would like to part with for all the married and unmarried couples. Be it any big present that you have planned for your partner, do not forget to accompany it with a bouquet. Why? Because flowers have that aura to make a person feel all loved, special, and valued. Flowers already are the symbol of love, purity, and tenderness in the language of love. So, any gift when in the accompaniment of flowers gains much value. So, having said that, here is a list of flowers that suggests a flower for your every anniversary. So, let’s get going now!!

1st Anniversary: Carnation

Now, the “first time” always holds great importance in everybody’s life. Be it your first marriage (lol, since many people just don’t get settled at first) or be it your first wedding anniversary, it ought to be special in every means. So, the reason I have suggested carnation here is that firstly, it is not so very cliché and secondly, it signifies passionate, young, and pure love behind its name. Convey your love and emotions to your partner by gifting them a carnation flower on your wedding anniversary. Mark the journey of all the upcoming milestones with love and passion.

2nd Anniversary: Lily

Lily of the valley is the synonym of “pure love” that is shared between a husband and wife. This enchanting flower has other various significant meanings underlying its name. It is a symbol of modesty, devotion, the worth of a relationship. Began your day of love and celebration by gifting this sheer beauty to your soul mate on your second anniversary.

3rd Anniversary: Sunflower

We hold many memories with this flower, right? From gifting this flower to our teachers back in primary schools to now gifting it to our better-half, we all grew up. However, this flower did not lose its value. The idea of its bright and radiating color can make a person fall in love. So, why not consider gifting it to your partner on your 3rd wedding anniversary.

happy anniversary celebration

Happy Anniversary Celebration

4th Anniversary: Geranium

It’s already been 4 years, and you can’t believe it that you and your partner pulled off quite well, right? So, the butterflies that gave you a tickling sensation have turned into warmth and comfort by now. That’s what growing together means. A geranium flower is the low-key meaning of eternal beauty. So, a geranium justifies your 4 years long happy married life. Order flowers online and never miss a chance to bring a wide smile on your spouse’s face.

5th Anniversary: Daisy

I have designated Daisy as the apt flower for your 5th wedding anniversary. Celebrate your love and care you have for your loved one by gifting this enchanting beauty on your special day. Let your loved one know what they mean to you.

6th Anniversary: Calla Lily

This flower is a synonym for attraction and growth. Calla lily is the best choice to gift to your love on your 6th wedding anniversary. It will appreciate the love that has perpetuated over the long 6 years of togetherness.

25th Anniversary: Iris

There is no better choice than Iris to give your spouse on your 25th wedding anniversary. It is one of the significant occasions in any person’s life, and an Iris flower conveys the message “we made it” in the best possible way. I cannot trust any other flower but an Iris to part this responsibility.

50th Anniversary: Violets & Roses

anniversary gifts roses

Anniversary Gifts Roses

We did not pick roses for the first wedding anniversary, because we saved it for the 50th. Also, violets and roses together is a winning flower for an anniversary. Violets and roses are nothing but perfection when pulled off together. So, give these flowers to your sweetheart at your 50th wedding anniversary because you guys are already nothing less than perfection.

So, when looking for online anniversary flowers delivery, make sure to pick these delightful beauties for your life partner. Your love needs to be appreciated, and nothing can do that well than flowers.

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