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  • 7 Things Not To Pack When Going For A Gap Year Abroad

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Going for a gap year is a wonderful experience filled with wonderful moments. You have to ensure that everything is in order including travel insurance, money, vaccinations, visa, and your passport is not yet expired. The next thing is to focus on what to include in your backpack. When selecting a backpack, choose one with the right size for you. Avoid anything that looks too big for your size and not too little to miss some basics.

After investing in a sensible backpack, the next thing is to think about what you are to take abroad. The temptation is always high to tame everything that makes life easier and convenient, but you are going to a new place. The rule of thumb is to pack items that won’t make you start wishing you left them. To make this process easier, here is a list of items that should never make it in your backpack when going for a gap year abroad.

  • Hair straighteners

There is no need to include these in your backpack. Letting your down offers the ideal travel look that guys love. Including hair straighteners in your bag wastes valuable space. The straighteners have to first cool down before keeping in the bag again after use. This increases the chances of getting broken before putting them back in your bag. If you feel you can’t do without hair straighteners, a cordless pair is a wonderful option.

  • Books

There is no need to carry your home library when going abroad. The purpose of gap year programs abroad is to offer students a chance to discover a new environment. You have to use every opportunity to discover your new environment. Take time to discover all local attractions, learn the new language, and get immersed in the local culture.

Apart from making your backpack heavier, reading those books is going to take some valuable time for exploration. You need as much free time as you can to meet new people and make new friends. Additionally, this moment is ideal for interacting with locals more.

  • Gadgets

Apart from books, there is no need to carry all your gadgets when going abroad as well. Consider leaving your laptop, Xbox, DSLR, and iPad. You need ample time to explore your new surroundings and to meet new people. Additionally, a quality smartphone can handle what all those gadgets can do. Moving with just your smartphone saves space and weight in your backpack. During your journey, there is also a risk of your gadgets getting damaged or stolen.

  • Fancy shoes

There is no need to carry fancy shoes when going abroad for a gap year. You are obviously going to do more travel and exploration that you have ever done in your life. Don’t worry about how you are going to look at your best during an evening out with new friends. The rule of thumb is to carry shoes that give you as much comfort as possible including flip-flops, deck shoes, and lightweight sandals. These look smart regardless of whether its day or night without fretting when wrecked.

  • Jewelry

It doesn’t mean that not to wear any simple jewelry at all. However, overdoing it is not a good idea. You will not have time to wear various pairs of earrings, necklaces, medallions, and rings. Additionally, wearing your pricey pieces in an unfamiliar environment might attract the attention of muggers. Carrying just a few is a good idea and it lowers chances of your precious jewelry getting stolen.

  • An umbrella

It is okay to be worried about the weather in a foreign environment. However, this doesn’t warranty carrying an umbrella. This item is likely to cause havoc when transiting through airports. Additionally, an umbrella is cumbersome with a likelihood of hitting people while making your way through crowds. A lightweight raincoat is a better idea. Get a rain cover to protect your backpack. These make wonderful substitutes to an umbrella and moving with them is hassle-free.

  • Excessive cosmetics and toiletries

With the world becoming more of a global village every day, you can buy whatever you want regardless of location. Therefore, only carry some exclusive items that you think are hard to get or might cost higher in another location. For makeup, only lipstick, concealer, and mascara can do. Spending more time outdoors offers a gorgeous holiday glow making too much makeup unnecessary.

  • Take home

A gap year is a wonderful moment to discover the world and to give you time to reflect on what you want to become. There is a lot to expect to make temptation high to pack items you might regret carrying in future. Things such as fancy shoes, loads of books and gadgets, umbrella, and jewelry should never make it in your backpack. These make your back heavier and increase checking time at the airport.

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