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  • What You Need to Know About Vaping on the Go: Tips for Travel and Portability

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It’s always good to bring your favorite items with you when you travel, from toiletries to the pillow you just can’t sleep without. If you vape, you’ll also want to plan on bringing along the means to vape on your trips. Before you go, though, you do need to be aware of how to travel safely with vaping equipment. Below are a few tips about traveling and portability that every vaping enthusiast needs to know.

Pack Carefully

One of the most important things to keep in mind when traveling is that your vaping device is more fragile than you might think. As such, it makes sense to wrap your vaping kit in something that will provide a bit of extra cushion. Bubble wrap and a box is usually a good idea, but even just wrapping it in a blanket can help cushion it from impacts. Try to keep your vaping liquids sealed and in a plastic bag as well so that they don’t leak all over the rest of your luggage.

Know the Laws

The good news is that vaping is legal throughout most of North America and Europe. The bad news is that the laws against vaping can be incredibly punitive in those regions where the laws on the books are still against the devices. Norway, China, Brazil, and India are among the countries that don’t allow vape supplies to be imported, so make sure to leave your kit at home if you’re traveling to one of those locations.

Carry-On Only

If you are flying domestically, remember that you can’t check your vape device. According to the TSA, battery-powered devices aren’t allowed in your checked baggage, so your vaping device is going to have to go in your carry-on. That can be either a purse or backpack or a small suitcase.

Your vape juice, on the other hand, can be checked. If you need to keep it with you, make sure that it’s in a regulation-sized clear bottle. As with other liquids, you won’t be allowed to bring more than 3.4 oz with you in your carry on.

No matter how you’re transporting your vaping kit, remember that vaping is prohibited on aircraft.

Consider a Disposable Vape Pen

A disposable vape pen could be your best friend while you are traveling. These pens are great for vaping, of course, but you won’t be losing a large investment if you lose your luggage. Disposable pens are great when you’re traveling because they will require maintenance. Therefore, you keep vaping without having to expend quite so much energy taking care of your vaping device.

Always treat your vaping devices with care while you’re traveling. Ensure that you know where you can bring them, how they can be brought, and what steps you’ll need to ensure that they arrive in one piece. Don’t be afraid to bring along a disposable pen if you’re afraid of losing a more expensive device, especially if you’re going somewhere you’ve never been before. Vaping while on the go is possible as long as you prepare ahead of time.

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