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  • 4 Easy Steps to Turn Concentrates to E Juice

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Did you know that you can turn your cannabis concentrates to e Juice in 4 easy steps? Not only is it easy to transform concentrates to e juice, but it can also save you hundreds of dollars. In addition to this extreme savings, making your own cannabis e juice gives you unprecedented control over the flavor, potency, and experience. A product called Wax Liquidizer makes this possible.

Turn Concentrates To E juice: Step 1

The first step to turn concentrates to e juice involves ordering Wax Liquidizer. this product is a special Vape juice Blend that you add to cannabis concentrates to turn them into a liquid form. Unfortunately, even BHO and PHO is often too thick for many vape pens. One of the major benefits of this method is that you can Vape Your Juice in any nicotine style Vape. That includes sub ohm mods, pod systems, and any thc vape juice with a tank that you can refill.

These types of Vapes are affordable and available in any vape shop and even some gas stations. They are far less expensive than specialized wax pens. Furthermore, wax pens often league and are less than ideal.

Wax Liquidizer is also very affordable, ships almost anywhere in the world, and is completely legal. It contains no cannabis and ships discreetly right to your door. The cost of using the product per batch of e juice is just pennies.

Turn Concentrates To E juice: Step 2

Once Wax Liquidizer arrives, it’s time to combine your concentrate with it. If you want to take the easy route, there is a special mix kit available on the website that contains everything you need. If you don’t want to order the mix kit, you’ll need a small heatproof container to mix your concentrate and the juice together.

You will also need some type of device to transfer the juice from the glass into your vape tank. People often use a blunt tip measuring syringe for this purpose. You can usually find them at most vape shops.

Mixing is very simple. Measure 2 ml of Wax Liquidizer to each gram of concentrate. you’ll need a little bit of heat to get the two to combine. Once they have combined, they stay stable for months. This means you can mix up an extra large batch and store it so that all you need to do is we fill your tank anytime you run low.

Turn Concentrates To E juice: How To Mix

The most popular way to make the e juice is to place the heatproof container into your microwave. It takes between 3 and 10 seconds to fully liquify. If you don’t want to microwave your wax, there is a stovetop or even countertop method.

You can either submerge your heatproof container in a larger saucepan with a little bit of water on the stove and heat it, or pour a little heated water into a larger heatproof container and place your small heatproof container inside it. With either method, the hot water will heat the glass and liquefy the contents.

Turn Concentrates To E juice: Step 3

The next step is moving your e juice from your container into your vape tank. As stated above, a measuring syringe is perfect for this. You can also carefully pour from one container into the tank.

Wax Liquidizer can be made right away, however, you may wish to wait a few minutes to make sure your wick is saturated.

Turn Concentrates To E juice: Step 4

The only step left is to fire up your vape and enjoy your juice.

There are six subtle but delicious flavors of Wax Liquidizer to choose from. One of the flavors is blank, for anyone who only wants to taste their concentrate. The flavors are helpful in masking the smell of the vapor released from your Vape.

Why not order Wax Liquidizer today and try this for yourself? Each gram of concentrate makes three mL of vape juice. That’s six times the amount you will find in any pre filled Vape cartridges at a dispensary. The savings add up quickly and more than pay for Wax Liquidizer itself.

happy vaping.

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