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  • Easy Tricks for Car Repair on Your Own Without Any Skill

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You need to get your car repair on a monthly or quarterly basis for making it robust and efficient. But it requires spending a lot of money on it.

Can you believe me if I say that you can perform car repair on your own without any professional skill?

You need some essential instrument and devices for it like –

  • Screwdriver set
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Torque wrench
  • Socket and ratchet set
  • Multi-meter
  • Jack

Above instruments are mostly available in your car toolkit box too for performing minor car repair. You can do the following things on your own with some fundamental knowledge of operating tools and you can save a lot of money which would have been spent otherwise at repair shops.

Replace your faulty headlight bulb

You can replace your faulty headlight bulb on yourself by just opening headlight box of your car using a screwdriver and then replace the fused bulb with a new bulb. Be careful, before touching your bulb, make sure that your car battery is plugged out.

Fix non-working antenna

Fix your non-working antenna by just mounting it correctly on a rooftop or tighten up against the screws of the antenna by using a screwdriver. If it is not working after this also then you can change your old antenna with a new one.

Finish your chipped paint on the car

After using the car for several times, the paint on car’s body gets chipped off due to several reasons so you can just finish that chipped out paint on yourself by applying some water-resistant matching color paint on it. You can mix two or three colors to get the perfect color for finishing.

Leak-proof your sunroof

Some car repair has the problem of leakage from the sunroof after some time because of some missing screws on the sunroof, that can be fixed by just adding some screws on them to tightly hold it which will block the leakage.

Clean your air vents

A lot of dust will be captured in Air-filter of the car which causes several problems in engines, which you can clean by simply using a brush. Just use the brush softly so that It will not tear off the skin of the filter.

Change your steering fluid

In many cars, after running several miles, steering fluid get burned which can be changed by just opening steering fluid box and re-filling it with new fluid and your steering works well after that.

Do lubrication in car accessories

When your car door, window, and other accessories work slow or work with vibration or work with a lot of unpleasant noises, then you should understand that they need a car repair. You can put some lubrication oil in your car door, window, and other accessories.

Car washing

The dirty car degrades your standard, that’s why everyone washes their car at least after every 12-14 days. You can wash your car at your own by using good car washing gel or liquid which removes the dust and bring shine to your car body.

Charge your car batteries

If your car refused to start when you twist your ignition key, then it means there is a need for car repair, and vehicle battery is discharged. You can charge it in your house by just using jumper wires.

Replace your wiper blades

Wiper blades are much useful during the rainy season and to remove dust from front glass of the car. But after some time, if its function with vibration or with a glitch that shows two things –

  • Blades need lubrication
  • Blades are damaged, and they need to replace


Above information provides easy tricks to car repair at your home and save a lot of money and time, as well. You do not need any professional skill for performing the above tasks. You need some necessary tools to perform them.

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