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Keeping your car in good operating condition can help you to get where you need to go. Maintenance issues that are left unchecked can turn into costly repairs. Here are some of the methods that you can go about when it comes to maintaining your car for the long haul.

  • Check Your Gauge Cluster and Warning Lights

Warning lights are located on your dashboard for a reason. This is an indication that there’s a problem with how your car is operating. Keep an eye out for these types of things so that you can keep your car running. Since modern cars are more electrical in nature, a digital code reader could prove to be beneficial. Most automotive part shops have these available for employees to use to diagnose your check engine light. Stop by one at the first sign of your light coming on so you can limit potential problems. This is because even if a warning light hasn’t registered, you can still diagnose a problem with your car. This is more helpful when you notice a change in your car’s performance.

  • Verify Your Fluid Levels

Your fluid levels and viscosity is another thing that you’ll need to stay up on if you want to maintain your car. Sludge and discolored fluid could spell a disaster waiting to happen in your car’s engine. For example, your transmission fluid should be red and free of any chunks. If you notice chunks in the fluid, it may be an indication that your gears are grinding and causing your transmission to not operate in the proper manner.

  • Use a Reputable Automotive Repair Service

There may be problems that are outside of your abilities. Utilizing automotive repair services will ensure that your car is handled correctly. This will keep it running even for those major issues that you just don’t know where to start in terms of diagnosing and fixing the problem. Find a mechanic that has a good reputation so that you’ll know that your car is in good hands. Shop around to help you find one that also offers you a competitive price for their services.

  • Listen Carefully

Funny sounds may be the first indication that there’s something wrong with your car. Be sure to listen in regularly so you can spot problems before they become serious. Listening will serve you well in helping to diagnose certain issues. Clunking or whining sounds coming from your engine could indicate that a problem is imminent. Each component of your car will make a slightly different sound as it starts to wear. For example, a high pitched squeal could be indicative of a loose or worn belt. Familiarizing yourself with the normal sounds your car makes can help you know what sounds are not normal for your particular car.

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For many of the more routine maintenance issues, you may be able to tackle them yourself. Use these tips to help you along in the process of keeping your car in good working order.

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