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  • 5 Signs Your Home’s Pool Needs a Replacement or Repair

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Home pool owners may sometimes feel they’re working on their pool more than enjoying it. After all, costs are associated with keeping a collection, and repairing or replacing one is common for many homeowners. Studies suggest that about 45 percent of privately owned pools will need to be replaced or repaired due to natural disasters, weathering or time. The sooner you catch minor issues at home, the less money you’ll spend in the long run.

Cracked Or Broken Tiles

Cracked or broken tiles mean that you need to replace the pool liner. This is a good sign if the tiles are cracked or broken but are still attached to the pool wall. If the tiles are completely detached from the wall, you’ll need to replace the pool liner. If your tile line is separating from each other but is still attached to the wall, you may be able to reattach the tiles as long as the wall is still structurally sound. Remember, though, that a line separating from the wall is a sign of a more significant problem and will need to be addressed before it causes damage to your home.

Leaks And Flooding

Leaking water or flooding in your yard could mean a variety of issues, including a leaky pool. Leaks in the pool are common and often easily fixed. However, if you have a leak in your pool that is not being fixed, it could be time to consider a replacement. If you leak, it’s essential to identify where the leak is coming from. There are a few common leaks in a pool, including the liner, the filter, the pump, and the plumbing. The easiest way to tell if you leak into your pool is to check the water level. In some cases, leaks can cause an increase in water level, whereas in other cases, they will cause a decrease in water level.

Deteriorating Plaster

Deteriorating plaster is often a sign that it’s time to replace your pool. This is especially true if the plaster is separating from the wall. If your plaster is separating from the wall of the pool, it may be time to replace the pool. Plaster can deteriorate for several reasons, including moisture getting behind the plaster and causing it to separate from the wall. You may also see signs of mold or algae buildup on the plaster. If the plaster is deteriorating, it could also indicate a crack or a small hole in the wall, which must be addressed before it causes major damage to your home. Therefore having a pool equipment repair and pool service company come out and assess the damage as soon as you notice the deterioration is important so that no greater damage appears.

Uneven Surface

An uneven surface can signify that you need to repair or replace your pool. The most common cause of a rough surface in a pool is an inconsistent application of the initial finish coat. This can signify other problems with your pool, such as a lousy liner or a failing pump. An uneven surface could also be a sign that your pool is sinking. Sinking is caused by shifting soil beneath the pool and can signify that your pool is too deep. A sinking pool can cause major structural issues and may need to be replaced.

Broken Equipment Or Features

Broken equipment or features in your pool could be a sign that there is an underlying problem. It may be time to repair or replace your pool if you see issues with the following items:

The filter:

If your filter is broken, it may be a good time to replace your pool. It’s important to note that clogs can be easily remedied, so a broken filter isn’t necessarily a sign that your pool is failing.

The pump:

if your pump is broken, it may be time to replace your pool. 3. The lights: If your lights aren’t working, it may indicate that the wiring needs to be fixed or replaced.

The skimmer:

If your skimmer is broken, it may be time to address the issue before it causes a bigger problem.


Pool owners should look for these five warning signs that it might be time to replace or repair their pool. Cracked or broken tiles, leaks and flooding, deteriorating plaster, uneven surfaces, and broken equipment or features are all common signs that something is wrong. It’s best to address these issues as quickly as possible to avoid severe damage to your pool or home.

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