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  • 6 Surprising Benefits of Venetian Plaster for Bathrooms

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The decision about wall coverings for bathrooms has been based on quality and appearance over price. You have wall tiles that look great and are water-resistant, but you also have regular plasterboard that is more affordable but lacks the same visual appeal as wall tiles. Imagine if you could get the best of both!

Venetian plaster, also known as polished plaster, is a centuries-old material that has been increasingly in demand by Sydney homeowners. Venetian plaster is a stunning finish for walls. It’s also water-resistant and more affordable than tiles. Venetian plaster, a lime-based wall finish of high quality. It can be polished to a smooth glossy surface, but it can also be used to create depth and visual texture on ceilings and walls.

This elegant finish, with its combination of natural and artificial light, can make a huge design statement in any space, even a bathroom. It is one reason Venetian plaster has seen a revival in Sydney. What should you know before installing Venetian plaster in your bathroom? In this article, we’ll examine why this quality building material is making a comeback amongst home renovators.

Can Venetian plaster be used in my bathroom?

When you first hear about Venetian plaster you may be sceptical as to whether it would be suitable material for a bathroom due to its higher heat and moisture content which is typically found in wet areas such a bathroom, laundry, or kitchen. However, upon closer inspection Venetian plaster is indeed a great walling option. These are just a few reasons Venetian plaster could be the perfect building material to finish your bathroom walls.

Venetian plaster is easy to maintain

Unlike wall tiles which can develop mould and discolouration in the grout lines, Venetian plaster is a high-end bathroom finish with no unsightly grout lines which makes Venetian plaster relatively easy to maintain. You can easily clean minor scuffs with mild detergent and a towel. This makes upkeep simple and easy.

Venetian plaster is a natural material

If you opt for plasterboard in your bathroom renovation it will need to be painted. Unfortunately, many bathroom wall paints emit toxic volatile organic compounds whilst drying. Which can cause delays in your bathroom renovation process as tradesmen and contractors will not be able to perform any work during this drying time. Venetian plaster, on the other hand, is a non-toxic natural material, that does not emit any volatile organic compounds. Without any health concerns, tradesmen or contractors can continue to work on the next phase.

Venetian plaster is mould resistant

Lime, a key ingredient in Venetian plaster, has anti-fungal properties that can help prevent the growth and spread of harmful mould. This means you can rest assured that your beautiful Venetian plastered walls will be able to cope with the increased heat and humidity typical of a bathroom.

Venetian plaster is strong

Unlike regular plasterboard which can easily be cracked, dented or susceptible to impact holes. Venetian plaster is one of today’s most durable and resilient materials. It hardens slowly so it is less susceptible to cracking. It can even last a lifetime if it is well maintained.

Plaster is a breathable material

Because it allows moisture to escape and is breathable, most Venetian plaster may be used in wet locations. This polished plaster dries quickly and becomes rock-hard when applied correctly. It prevents moisture and water from getting trapped beneath the surface. This preserves the beauty of Venetian plaster in a moist bathroom for many years to come.

Venetian plaster can be applied over old tiles

The cost of a bathroom renovation can quickly add when you’ve got to remove old tiles and retile. Fortunately, there are some shortcuts you can take which can help you save time and money without compromising on the quality of the end product. One way to do this is to apply Venetian directly over the top of your bathroom’s existing wall tiles. Because Venetian plaster is pasted on any irregularities on the existing surface can be easily concealed. This allows you to speed up your timeframe for your bathroom renovations whilst still achieving the style and look you are after.

Work with an experienced Venetian plasterer

To apply Venetian plaster in any room of your home, you need to have a high degree of skill and knowledge. Also, the plaster can be corrosive and alkaline when wet so it is important to use protective gear. This is why Venetian plaster professionals are best qualified to handle this difficult job.

Why choose Venetian plaster?

Venetian plaster is a versatile and beautiful building material that offers endless possibilities. Its flexibility and benefits have made it a hugely popular choice among home renovators both within Sydney and across Australia and the world. Now that you’ve read this article you understand some of the key benefits of this amazing building material and how it can add colour, flare and a distinctively unique look to your new bathroom.

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