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Combining two or more patterns of tiles is a common practice to decorate a space. It gives the area a certain depth and unique look. A room’s whole aesthetic can get enhanced hugely when the tile combination has properly collaborated. However, if not used correctly, the room may look too busy and suffocating. So, collaborating on two or more tiles can be a certain challenge to some of you. Fear not, In the following article, we are going to suggest to you some basics to effectively choose your tile combination.

Why Tile Combination Matters?

If your room represents a piece of music, the tiles are tiny notes. The harmony of notes makes the music exceptional and a blessing for the ears. Similarly, the right blend of tile combination can turn your home into a great work of art. It can please and soothe your mind while giving the room a great view. On the other hand, a flat tone can ruin the whole symphony of the music, so is a wrong tile combination. It can suffocate the life of a place or can feel like a huge jumbled puzzle. It can ruin the beauty of the entire area and give you the heebie-jeebies. Therefore, when you are considering combining different tiles, you need to keep in mind the following factors:

Balancing the Busy Patterns

If you are planning to decorate your backsplash with small mosaic tiles, it creates a busy pattern there. To contrast this, you can associate large plain tiles in the rest of the area. Thus, the backsplash will create a statement while the whole other room compliments it.

Blend Patterns with Plain

If you are planning on using patterned tiles, install them in the place where you want everyone to pay attention. Decorate the rest of the places with plain and long-scaled tiles. It is an excellent method to grab the attention to somewhere you really want.

Mess with Scale

You can always experiment with the scale of the tiles. It can present the place with a very new perspective that you have never thought of before. If one of our consists of very small tile blocks, associate it with some large-scaled tiles. It’ll make the room look much larger and proportionate. This can work even if you use the same colored and textured tiles.

Neutralize with Natural Stone Tiles

If you are keen on using a floor-to-ceiling length mosaic backsplash, your floor should look natural. Natural stone can neutralize the whole busyness effortlessly. When paired with a soften colored grout lines; it can give the entire place an elegant yet non-competitive vibe.

Matt Finishes Can Be Your Friend

Two types of matt tile for your washroom floor can enhance the aesthetic of your room when paired with a simple colored wall or exposed bricks. It breaks up the larger spaces and presents you with individual small unique spaces.

Matt Meets Shiny

Associating matt and shiny colored tiles in a busy pattern can be a very bold decision. A backsplash can get a whole different vibe when a shiny tile is incorporated with matt ones. It can effortlessly lighten the whole room.

Differentiate in Size, Keep the Colors Constant

If you are having trouble determining the tile color combination, choose similar colored tiles in different sizes. It works almost in any space. Let the grout lines form the patterns or contrast the grout for a pronounced effect. Make sure to choose the grout color contrasting the tile color. It is possible to also blend the grout color. It can give the space a subtle interest making less statement. The overall look and feel may change depending on the grout color.

Keep the Patterns Consistent

Keeping the patterns consistent is very important for the overall harmony of the room. You can change colors or sizes according to your will. However, changing patterns can create a discontinuity that may not be flattering for the overall space. It may create a visual discomfort, and the room may lose its overall beauty.

Limiting the Color Palette

You may like to have a colorful room. However, associating different bright colors can look clownish and hurt the eyes. If you are looking for a clownish look, it may be okay. For incorporating elegance in the space, stick to the gray and white color palette. It will compliment your room’s overall appearance while giving it a luxurious presence.

The more tiles, the better is really the motto of the tile fans of today. But covering a space with tile should uphold the feel of that certain area. So, mix up different colors and patterns before installing them. Follow the latest trends and compare different tiles that can be incorporated with each other. Then ask what would be best for your space and tile away your space to grab the beauty of it.

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