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  • 5 Tips for Learning How to do a Daily Tarot Card Spread

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Tarot card reading has been used for centuries as a powerful tool for self-reflection, guidance, and divination. One of the key techniques in tarot reading is the use of tarot card spreads. Tarot card spreads refer to the arrangement of cards on a table during a reading. Each position in the spread represents a different aspect of life or a specific question. In this step-by-step guide, we will explore the world of tarot card spreads and how beginners can learn to use them effectively.

What are Tarot Card Spreads?

Tarot card spreads are predetermined patterns that determine the placement of cards during a reading. These patterns vary in complexity, and each has its own specific purpose. For beginners, it is essential to start with simple spreads that provide a clear insight into different aspects of life. As you gain experience and confidence, you can move on to more complex spreads.

Benefits of Using Tarot Spreads for Beginners

Using tarot spreads for beginners offers several benefits. Firstly, spreads provide a structured framework for interpreting the cards. They guide you in understanding the relationship between different cards and their meanings. Additionally, spreads help beginners focus their readings on specific areas of life, such as love, career, or personal growth. This allows for a more targeted and meaningful reading. Lastly, spreads provide a visual representation of the cards, making it easier to remember and interpret the messages they convey.

Different Types of Tarot Spreads for Beginners

There are numerous tarot spreads available, but for beginners, it is best to start with a few simple ones. Here are three popular spreads for beginners:

  • Three-Card Spread: This spread consists of three cards placed side by side. The first tarot card represents the past, the second card signifies the present, and the third card reveals the future. It provides a concise overview of a specific situation or question.
  • Celtic Cross Spread: The Celtic Cross spread is one of the most widely used spreads in tarot reading. It consists of ten tarot cards arranged in a cross-like pattern. Each position represents different aspects of life and provides insight into the past, present, and future.
  • Relationship Spread: As the name suggests, this spread focuses on relationships. It involves placing cards in specific positions to gain insight into the dynamics of a relationship, whether romantic, platonic, or familial.

Step-by-Step Guide to Learning Daily Tarot Card Spreads

Learning tarot card spreads requires practice and patience. Follow this step-by-step guide to develop your skills:

Step 1: Familiarize Yourself with the Cards

Start by familiarizing yourself with the meanings of each card in the tarot deck. Take time to study the symbolism and imagery of each card, as well as their general interpretations. This will provide a solid foundation for your understanding of tarot card spreads.

Step 2: Choose a Beginner-Friendly Spread

Select a simple tarot card spread that resonates with you. The three-card spread mentioned earlier is an excellent choice for beginners. Practice using this spread regularly until you feel comfortable interpreting the cards.

Step 3: Clear Your Mind and Shuffle the Deck

Before conducting a reading, take a few moments to clear your mind and set your intention. Shuffle the deck thoroughly while focusing on your question or the specific aspect of life you want guidance on.

Step 4: Lay Out the Cards

Once you have shuffled the deck, lay out the cards according to the chosen spread. Take your time and ensure each card is placed in the correct position.

Step 5: Interpret the Cards

Begin interpreting the cards based on their positions and their individual meanings. Consider the relationship between the cards and how they relate to your question or the aspect of life you are seeking guidance on.

Step 6: Reflect and Take Action

After interpreting the cards, take a moment to reflect on the messages they have conveyed. Consider how they align with your current situation and what actions you can take to navigate any challenges or make the most of opportunities.

How to Interpret Tarot Card Spreads

Interpreting tarot card spreads requires a combination of intuition and knowledge of the cards’ meanings. Here are some tips to help you interpret tarot card spreads effectively:

  • Trust your intuition: Tarot readings are deeply personal, and your intuition plays a crucial role in understanding the messages conveyed by the cards. Trust your instincts and pay attention to the feelings and thoughts that arise during a reading.
  • Consider the positions: Each position in a tarot spread has a specific meaning. Take note of the position of each card and how it relates to the overall message of the spread. This will provide valuable insights into different areas of your life.
  • Look for patterns and connections: Analyze the relationships between the cards in the spread. Look for patterns, similarities, or contradictions that may offer deeper insights. The connections between cards can reveal hidden meanings and provide a more nuanced interpretation.

Tips for Practicing Tarot Card Spreads

Practicing tarot card spreads regularly is essential for developing your skills. Here are the some tips to enhance your practice:

  • Keep a tarot journal: Maintain a journal to record your readings, interpretations, and any insights or observations that arise during practice. This will help you track your progress and identify patterns or recurring themes.
  • Experiment with different spreads: Don’t limit yourself to a single spread. Explore different spreads and experiment with their variations. This will broaden your understanding of tarot card spreads and provide a more comprehensive reading experience.
  • Seek feedback and guidance: Join online tarot communities or seek guidance from experienced tarot readers. Engaging with others who share your interest in tarot card reading can provide valuable insights and support your learning journey.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using Tarot Spreads

While using tarot spreads, beginners may fall into some common pitfalls. Here are a few mistakes to avoid:

  • Overcomplicating interpretations: Beginners often get overwhelmed by the complexity of the cards and overanalyze their meanings. Remember to keep your interpretations simple and trust your intuition.
  • Ignoring reversed cards: Reversed cards have different meanings than upright cards. Beginners may overlook the significance of reversed cards, leading to incomplete or inaccurate interpretations. Pay attention to both upright and reversed cards for a more comprehensive reading.
  • Relying too heavily on spreads: While spreads provide a structure for readings, don’t rely solely on them. Allow room for flexibility and intuitive insights. Sometimes, a single card or a combination of cards may convey a powerful message that goes beyond the confines of a specific spread.

Resources for Further Learning and Practice

If you are interested in delving deeper into tarot card spreads, here are some resources to explore:

  • Books: “The Tarot Bible” by Sarah Bartlett and “Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom” by Rachel Pollack are highly recommended books for beginners.
  • Online courses: Websites like Udemy and Coursera offer online courses on tarot card reading, including specific modules on spreads.
  • Tarot apps: There are numerous tarot apps available that provide guidance, interpretations, and practice exercises for beginners.


Learning tarot card spreads can be an enriching and transformative experience for beginners. By following a step-by-step approach, familiarizing yourself with the cards, and practicing regularly, you can unlock the secrets of tarot card spreads and gain valuable insights into different aspects of life. Remember to trust your intuition, avoid common mistakes, and continue to explore and learn from various resources. Embrace the journey of self-discovery that tarot card spreads offer and allow them to guide you on your path.

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