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  • Five Amazing Google Ads Tools That You Need To Use

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Merely creating an online presence of your business or brand is not enough. It would help if you evolved it with the ever-changing scenario of the online platform. With the evolution in Google Ads, a various number of tools have been provided by Google for the betterment of your business. You can choose a PPC firm that will accommodate the adequate Google ad tools to enhance your website and defeat your competitors. Before anything else, let’s take a look at what Google ads are.

What are Google Ads?

Google Ads are used to offer paid advertisements that are seen in the search results of Google. These advertisements make use of the display network and the AdSense program of Google to have appeared on several other websites. The Google Ads can be divided into two distinct sections:

  • One above the organic or natural links
  • Another at the result page’s bottom

The Display Ads of Google pop up on the Google Display Network. This Display Network is a vast collection of third-party websites that have collaborated with Google to work for the Google ads. The ads cast on the Display Network can be in the form of images, texts, videos, or any other featured media targeted efficiently. Banner ads and remarketing are also included in the ads featured in the Display Network. Google ads are one of the best and most focused tools you can use to get your business.

5 Google tools one can use

This is not unknown to you that Google has many SEO-based tools that you can use for your brand’s advertising campaign. They are as follows:

1. Ad variations

If you want your website to function in the best possible manner, most PPC users will suggest you undergo ad testing. Gone are the days when ad testing was a tedious process and would take lots of time. Besides, developing various versions and pulling insights at a faster rate was also a labor-intensive process. From that time, the creative process associated with creating ads has evolved. Similarly, the tools that are required to make these ads have also changed.

Initially, the format of the text ad was available in a contracted form. Now, the design has provided a more expanded space for testing copies. Further, Google has introduced responsive search ads or RSA that take less time to check copies available in combined forms. With Ad Variation, one can bring variations on their ads quickly.

2. Audience observation

For quite a long time, Google could not reach out to the target audience in respect of demography. This drawback of Google made it complicated for the advertisers to comprehend if a particular audience class gave a better performance. Further, it restricted the advertisers from knowing what their competitors were aiming at.

With the advent of Audience Observation, Google helped its users to cope up with the loopholes as has been mentioned above. It allows advertisers to add a group of Google-defined audiences to take a look at their performance. Once Google adds the audiences, it automatically leads them to the ‘Ideas’ section.

3. Responsive search ads

Also known as RSA, responsive search ads are another effective tool that saves your time while testing ads. While the conventional text ads ask the advertiser to develop a distinct and separate version of ads, advertisers can save a lot of time because it is all about mix and match. Google considers this ad copy as an individual asset which then joins to form one ad.

When the RSA ads go live, you can get the details by clicking on the “View assets details” link that appears right below the ad copy results. This quick and easy ad testing method allows the advertisers to test ads quicker than the time that would otherwise be used if testing was done manually.

4. Discovery campaigns

The feature-rich visual ad units that advertisers see as per the user’s activity are Discovery Campaigns. They are beneficial both in terms of format and the way by which they are targeted. The Discovery Campaign combines headline and imagery as well as directs how they are provided to the user.

Like any other display, they are mainly used to catch the viewers’ attention and generate interest of the viewers towards a product or service. You will come across the Discovery ads on YouTube, Google Discovery Feed, and Gmail. Generally, Google takes care of all the Discovery campaigns.

5. Explanations feature

The Explanation feature aims to help search campaigns with insights and explain why the performance has changed. This feature gives 90 days to analyze data in terms of costs, impressions, clicks, and conversions. The Explanation feature makes a comparison of the result of one data range with another.


All the five Google ad tools mentioned above are of great help if used correctly. If you are not confident about using these Google ad tools, you can benefit from any PPC service provider.

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