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  • Why Should You Consider Google Display Advertising?

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The digital world can drive one crazy as well if he is not familiar with the dos and don’ts. The same holds for the advertising platforms. From Facebook to Google, the options are unlimited. Moreover, every platform has further categories and divisions. However, if you are looking to advertise on Google, Consider the display network.

Here’s why:

Builds Brand Awareness

If you are looking for creating brand awareness, then you should consider Google Display ads. The channel will help you a great deal. Apart from brand awareness, you could also want to make an announcement or clear out a misconception. For example, telling people that there are no Cox hidden fees. This is also categorized as creating awareness among the audience about your product.

From creating a brand affinity to building awareness, Google display ads can do it all for you. Thus, enabling you to reach more people.

Expand Your Reach

As mentioned above, the Display Network aids you in expanding your reach. Google Display Network consists of thousands of news pages and blogs. Apart from that, it also contains other sites where Google advertises according to what it considers suitable. Not only this, but the network also consists of apps and many mobile websites. Consider advertising on Google Display Network alone and reaching all the people in the mentioned places.

A brand needs to reach more people. Tactics like these help to increase the chance of people considering your product/service. As they say, more the merrier.

Creation of Ads for Free

Creating ads on the display network does not cost you a penny. YES. You read that right. The display ad builder aids you in putting all your texts, videos, and content together. Without you having to spend much time and effort to do so.

Find a Targeted Audience

Finding the right audience to target is the biggest challenge when advertising on digital platforms. However, the Google Display network solves this issue for you. Numerous options are available on the display network when it comes to the target audience. It depends on your creativity how you customize them well. Who, what, where, and when. By answering all these in your head, you can reach a well-targeted audience.

For example, you may choose to target some websites, apps, and games. Apart from deciding the target audience and platforms, you also get to decide the placements. The managed placements feature allows you to decide where you wish to display your ad and where not. Thus, giving you the power to customize.

Another very helpful option available for advertisers is the contextual targeting. This form of targeting allows advertisers to use keywords as the basis for targeting. The advantage of using it is that your ad gets displayed in front of the pope who is the most likely to respond to it.

Measuring Success

You can measure your success after advertising o the Google Display Network. All this becomes possible because you get access to all the detailed reports. You can learn a great deal from the insights that the ad reports provide you with. These include the clicks on the ads among many other things. Thus making it easy for you to track and monitor your ads’ performance.

Lower CPC

Lowering your cost per click is another great benefit that Google Display Network offers. Do not ignore this benefit because CPC is capable of making or breaking your whole advertising budget. High CPC means the whole budget draining within a few days. This further translates into you not having enough budget to advertise in the remaining days. The business can lose out on many lucrative opportunities if this happens.

However, if the opposite happens, then you will not only be able to create brand awareness but also utilize your budget evenly. If you compare the CPC of Google Search Ads with Display one, then the latter is quite low.

Various Types

There are various types of Google Display Ads that you can choose from according to your product and audience. The available options include:

  • Standard Display Campaign
  • Smart Display Campaign
  • Gmail Campaign

You can visit Google AdWords and learn more about when you should use each type. However, the Smart Display Campaign offers the most amount of customization options. For example, targeting according to customer interest. Let’s say you want a customer to get to learn more about the bill pay options. You can consider the Smart Display Campaign for that purpose. You can also run ads using different types and see which one works the best for you.

Apart from these, other benefits of employing the use of GDN include the availability of different ad sizes and the ability to ad videos. If you haven’t already, consider using the Google Display Network for your business.

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