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  • 10 Healthy Drinks Made with a Blender for Juicing

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Description: Maybe you don’t know that healthy drinks are crucial for our health or why they are so much better than regular beverages. We are going to explain here how to make healthy drinks that can improve your health. With these top ten healthy drinks, you will notice the difference in just one week.

Fast and Easy Change

The state of mind and body are very often in correlation with the food we intake. Sometimes we have cravings for greasy or spicy food, and that can have a bad effect on our weight. Especially during the holidays, we can easily put some extra weight without noticing it.

An increased amount of sugar in your system can damage your health. But it is possible to make a decision and start fresh with healthy juice drinks. For busy folks, we recommend making drinks with blender because you can mix several ingredients and get an energetic bomb within just 5 minutes, preparation, and peeling included.

Benefits of Healthy Drinks

Did you know that industrial juices that are labeled as 100% made of fruit ingredients still contain added sugar? If you regularly consume industrial juices, you even can damage your health. The one thing we can do is help you make your healthy energy drinks. You may think that is challenging, but with little help of a blender, you can create one liter of healthy juice in less than 3 minutes.

Making your juice can ensure that you and your family don’t drink any additives, preservatives, and industrial sugar. In case you don’t have a blender, you can start with squeezing oranges or even better grapefruits. With an electric juice machine, it’s easy to do it.

You can use healthy drinks to make little scam for your kids. With healthy drinks, your kid won’t notice all ingredients and will drink juice even with some vegetables they regularly refuse. We put a beet in a blender, which is on a blacklist for our kids. The experiment was successful, and children didn’t recognize the beet because we added a lot of bananas. We were happy because this is the only way to make them take beet, which is super rich in iron.

How to Make Healthy Drinks

To make things simpler, we will suggest some recipes for you. Keep updating your family members’ favorite list of healthy drinks so you can do it fast and without hesitation. Experimenting with taste and play here with colors can also be funny.

The most important is that you have to mix at least three things: liquid (water, milk, or vegetable milk), solid fruit, or vegetable to give a nice texture (like bananas, pumpkin, or apple) and some other ingredients that you like for extra taste. Be aware that the order in which you put ingredients can make some variation of texture. Professionals first put solid fruit than fluids and mix it to get a compact mass, and then you can easily add berries or nuts.

Recipes for Top Healthy Drinks

Here are our favorite recipes for healthy drinks. Just a reminder: fruit contains fructose, which is natural sugar, so you don’t need to add sweeteners. If at first, you have an intense craving for sweet, we propose agave syrup or dates. Preferably choose the fruit and vegetables that grow in your climate zone and ideally in a fresh state.

1. Banana and Strawberry Juice

It’s a classic one, but the taste is delicious. Put two bananas and add just enough milk to cover the fruit and then start to blend. After that, add a handful of strawberries. If you want to make a unique beverage, we propose to add some coconut milk.

2. Beet Drink for Extra Iron

A powerful combination for all who are experiencing some health issues because of iron deficiency. But people whose blood iron levels are within the normal range can also enjoy it as it will certainly give them more energy throughout the day. You will be amazed by the beautiful purple color of the drink and sweet taste. It’s entirely safe to use raw beetroot. The only thing here is that you should cut the beet into small cubes to ensure effortless blending.

3. Baby Spinach for Fresh Start of the Day

spinach drink

Spinach Drink

Bananas and spinach may sound like a crazy combination but is an excellent way to start the day. Some people aren’t too happy about spinach because it has quite an intense taste. However, if you add a bit of coconut milk, we guarantee it will become one of your top beverages. It’s a refreshing drink that increases energy levels.

4. Pear and Blueberry Combination

This is a special drink for those with a delicate taste, as it is almost like a dessert. Start by peeling the pear and mixing it with Greek yogurt. Then add fresh blueberries and a bit of honey. It will add a special note to your drink and make it slightly sweeter. If you like, you can decorate it with mint leaves.

5. SuperfoodsHealthy Drink

Great things about healthy drinks are that when you have a primary flavor you like, you can add a small quantity of superfood in every juice. Our choice is Chia seeds that are rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. They won’t change the taste, but the texture may be a little bit thicker.

You can mix a lot of different superfoods but in small quantities to be sure not to ruin the taste. On our favorite superfood list is also cinnamon that has a rather delicate taste. You can add a small amount in almost every combination of blended juice, but we like mixing it with pear.

6. Healthy Orange Mix

If you are a fan of citrus fruit, we propose an orange-carrot-apple mix for a vitamin boost. It’s better to grate the carrot before blending. For spicy taste, you can add some grated ginger. This healthy juice drink is full of vitamin A and vitamin C, which are excellent for the immune system.

7. Protein Mix

protein mix drink

Protein Mix Drink

Blend one banana with almond milk and then add one teaspoon of almond butter and chopped date. High in protein beverages are an excellent choice for healthy breakfast drinks. For those who expect extra demanding busy days, you may consider vanilla protein powder that can make your healthy energy drink extra strong.

8. Mango Lassi

Choose ripe mango and dice it and mix with 1 cup of yogurt and ½ cup of milk. When everything is smoothly blended, add cardamom powder for a delicate aroma. Once you try it, you will not be able to resist this creamy mango flavor.

9. Pomegranate Juice for Preserving Beauty

Pomegranate is an antioxidant that cleans the whole organism but also has an anti-aging effect. Pomegranate juice is costly, but with little effort, you can make it on your own. Peeling and extracting the pomegranate seeds doesn’t have to be so annoying if you know the correct way to do it.

Cut the top and bottom part of the fruit and then make four vertical incisions and divide it into quarters. The seeds will come out quickly. Put one cup of seeds into a blender and pulse the seeds. Pomegranate is prone to oxidation, so you have to gulp the juice down after making it.

10. Ginger Orange Juice to Prevent the Cold

orange juice

Orange Juice

This drink is a good idea for kids who refuse to drink tea during the wintertime. Put one teaspoon of grated ginger into the orange juice, then add one teaspoon of honey, and you will have a perfect formula for winter without cold.

Conclusion: Making healthy blender drinks is an easy, fun, and fast way to improve your and your family’s health. If you start with this experiment, you will feel the change and have more energy in only one week. Do you have your favorite healthy drink? We would appreciate it if you share the recipe with us and promote a healthy lifestyle.

By Joshua Sherman
who is a nutritionist specialized in healthy children’s diets. He is actively involved in promoting a healthy lifestyle. In free time Joshua enjoys biking with his family.

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