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  • 4 Collectible Toys That Can Fetch Some Money for Christmas

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Antique toys that were manufactured and played with over the past century are in high demand these days. If you have older toys that were enjoyed by grandparents, parents, you, or your now-adult children, and you are ready to find a new home for them due to no further need or limited storage space, check your collection to see if you have one of the four types of toys that collectors are looking for. A successful sale could bring you some extra money for Christmas.

Pull Toys

Mid-twentieth century pull toys for toddlers are still popular for young children in the twenty-first century. Collectors and toy dealers are always looking for good quality items in this category for parents looking to decorate their baby nursery in a retro style or simply collect older toys so their children can also enjoy them. Animals and trains are among the most popular pull items, but many others are sought as well.

While some still aren’t worth all that much, many are now sold for a couple hundred dollars, at least. If you happen to have a rare toy that collectors watch for, you could get several thousand dollars for it.

Dolls and Action Figures

Raggedy Ann and Andy, Barbie and Ken dolls, and Transformer action figures are just a few of the classic collectible toys that people seem to always be looking for. If you have a number of these toys, you may want to set up a website dedicated to buying and selling vintage toys, as the business seems here to stay and is popular with all ages.

Sets or even partial sets of action figures or dolls will bring you more money that a single piece will. The price will go up if they’re in good condition, and will rise even further if they’re in their original packing as well. The better the piece looks, the more you’re going to get for it.

Board Games

Vintage board games are also in high demand. Old versions of Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders, and other games that are not made anymore are especial valuable. You’ll get more money for games that are still in playing condition that have all or most of the of the pieces.

These appeal to collectors of all ages for various reasons. If the games are still playable with high quality pieces, professional toy collectors may be interested in purchasing them. Parents with nostalgia for their childhood games might want to give their kids a retro version of popular games or a game that is no longer made and relive their own childhood fun as a family.

Model Cars

Putting together model car kits is a favorite childhood memory for many people. You may be able to find unopened kits that will provide the opportunity to assemble a model car (or another model figure, such as an animal or dinosaur). There are also cars that are already put together and can be added to an existing collection of cars from the same collector’s set.

If you’ve got some vintage toys laying around that you don’t want, check your collection and do a little research on what you have. You might have something that is in high demand.

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