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  • A Complete Guide on Organizing Kids’ Toys

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Keeping your home nice and tidy can be a real chore, but it doesn’t have to be. The first thing to focus on is organization. While being a parent can truly be a blessing, it can also be rather tumultuous if your kids enjoy throwing their toys around the house.

For many parents, having to pick up their kids’ toys can be a nuisance, and strewn about items can also lead to serious accidents in some cases. Here, our focus will be on how to best organize your kids’ toys. While there may be some growing pains involved in the beginning, the ends will justify the means.


Before you begin organizing your kids’ video games and toys, you will need to focus on those that they no longer play with. As well, as you go through the toys, check to see if any are broken or seriously damaged.

If you feel that they cannot be repaired, then throw them out. If your kids no longer play with them, then perhaps you can sell them locally or online. You can also donate them to a local charity so that they can find a new home.

Of course, your kids should also be involved in the decluttering process. Otherwise, chaos may ensue. By involving your kids, they will learn how to make decisions in life. They will also learn to organize their toys and become more responsible people.

Invest in Toy Organizer Bins

You should purchase toy bins and baskets in order to store your kids’ games and toys. Your kids will also be inspired and motivated to only play with a few at a time. Toys can also be organized according to type by marking each bin or basket with a sharpie. By doing so, your kids will know exactly where to place their toys after they are done playing with them.

Rolling Cart

If you live in a small house with cramped rooms, then organizing toys may prove to be a challenge. For example, your kids’ playroom may be their bedroom or the living room. If you happen to live in a small home, then a rolling cart may serve as the best solution to store all of your kids’ games and toys without issue.

If the rolling cart is not too heavy, then they can move the cart around themselves. In any event, a rolling cart serves as a designated place that can be used for toy storage, and can also usually be moved from room to room without issue.


Self-storage may actually be the best solution for parents who want to store their kids’ toys quickly, efficiently, and conveniently.

In some cases, your children may have dolls, toy automobiles, and stuffed animals that they no longer want to play with. However, some of those toys may have sentimental value, so you may wish to hold on to them as keepsakes for an extended period.

If you don’t have any room left in your home to store your kids’ toys, then self-storage will solve your problem. The vast majority of self-storage facilities have floors that are made with cement. As a result, you will be able to store a large quantity of toys without any problems.

Some toys may also be temperature sensitive. The good news is that climate-control features are considered the norm today, so you can rent out a self-storage container with climate control if needed. For example, if your children enjoy colouring, then their crayons may melt if the self-storage container is not heat-resistant. Melted crayons will create a mess, as they will stick to the rubber surface.

It should also be noted that self-storage units are designed to store virtually anything. For example, you can store toys, furniture, appliances, valuable artwork and collectibles, and even cars and boats in some cases. As well, 24/7 surveillance is provided by self-storage facilities, so you can rest assured that your most valuable belongings will be protected from vandals, arsonists, and thieves.

All Work and No Play…

Since the dawn of time, toys have served as a source of entertainment, but also as a source of stress for parents. We hope that the storage tips we have provided will help make toy pick-up a breeze. In the end, the goal is to make your kids’ playtime both manageable and fun, and getting your kids involved in the organization process will also ease your workload.

Your children should be incorporated into your cleaning routine if possible. They should be taught how to not only take care of their belongings but their surroundings as well. The life lessons that you teach them today will benefit them greatly when they become adults.

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