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  • Top Five Games Ideas with Kids to Improve Their Mental Health

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As parents, we have a lot of power when it comes to our children’s mental health? That is why we must create an environment that can nourish good mental health now and later in their lives. A good mental state and proper physical well-being are the keys to a more productive, happier, and friendly child. There is not a single parent out there who doesn’t want that. So, if you’re wondering what are the benefits of educational games for kids, then you need to try these five games to see for yourself.

Put On a Fashion Show

Imagine what it would be like to have a fashion show in the house. This educational game teaches the kids to use recyclable materials around the house and outside to create a unique outfit. Create a runway and showcase your attires to everyone. Congratulate each one and let them know that they’re doing a great job.

You can arrange this activity weekly. This way, the kids will always have time to have their imaginations and prepare for a new thing. Remember, if you notice that the kid is so good at what they are doing, always nurture that talent. Let the kid know that they can always rely on you for support on educational toys and games they need for practice.

kids’ mental health

Kids’ Mental Health

Paint a Picture

You can always create art time by sitting together with the kids and paint what is in your imagination. Let it be anything that comes to your mind, test your creativity, and put down what you are thinking or imagining. After the drawing, ask the kids why they painted a particular picture and what it means to them.

Let the little ones also participate by buying them essential painting tools appropriate to their respective ages. If you have those little girls around, you can have them draw pictures of their fantasy princesses. Get some toys for 2 year old girls to help them enjoy better as they participate in the games.

Build the Tallest Tower

Building is one of the best educational toys games that foster concentration and creativity among the little ones. Testing the kids’ engineering skills is one of the best physical, educational games you can try out. You can have straws, cardboards, bottle tops, and even spaghetti sticks. Use them to create the tallest tower with everyone creating their own. Afterwards, you can take a picture of the tallest tower built and stick it onto your fridge door.

This activity will make the kids go wild with imaginations trying to figure out what kind of tower to build and how to make it as unique as possible. Always cheer up the kids as they work, do not make any negative comment. Even if they made a crooked tower, tell them good job and encourage them to do better next time. It helps boost their self-esteem and morale.

Share Your Own Stories

You can decide to create a story time; this should not be the same as a bedtime story. Create time, maybe after lunch or in the evening. Let everyone come up with stories and share. We’ve all shared an account with our kids to make them do what we want. It’s a tricky way, but it works wonders. At the end of each story, let the kids say what valuable lessons they learned from the story or what morals the story teaches. Encourage personal creations as this will help test their creativity and ability to tell what is proper and not.

Play Bingo

It is an educational game where you can play in pairs with the kids. One person asks the other person questions and then tick off a particular square. You can also let one guess what the other partner is doing for them to win. Or, go the extra mile and create your own bingo games. Incorporate some educational games for babies here as well so that they’re not left behind. Ensure they are games known only to you and the kids. By doing this, you can test for new skills and alertness.

Kids get excited and encouraged when you give them rewards for doing something right. Remember to provide presents to whichever person wins the game; it could be a cookie or a new toy. This way, the kids become more motivated and eager to play another time again.

educational toys

Educational Toys


A stable mental health is essential for general well-being of every child. A mentally stable child will generally perform well in their studies and any activity they want to do. Remember, it is not only educational brain games that improve the kids’ mental health but what they eat, watch on the television, and friends they play with.

So, do you have any ideas on other things that can impact the growth of these young adults both mentally and physically? Don’t shy away from sharing some of those great ideas with the rest of us.

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