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  • Top 5 Tips on How to Win a Child Custody Case Battle

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A child custody battle is one of the most stressful events for a parent. These battles are not easy to win. The lengthy legal battle, and other such factors, can affect mental well-being. This is why many parents try to solve the issue through settlement or compromise. Having said that, sometimes, either party may disagree on a settlement. In such cases, the only option they have is to take the battle to the courts. If you are someone who is considering fighting your child’s custody in court, here are a few tips that can increase the odds of winning the legal battle.

Hire An Attorney For Child Custody

Hiring an attorney for child custody should be your number one priority. A child custody battle is in no way an easy battle to win. There is no way you can battle it out at the court by yourself. You need a skilled and experienced family law attorney to represent you in court.

Why hire a family law attorney?

Family law attorneys or child support lawyers know the ins and outs of how the law works in such cases. They know the strategies that can help you win the legal battle. The attorneys avoid making costly mistakes that you probably would have made if you had fought the battle all by yourself. For example, putting too much information about your social life on social media during a legal battle can prove to be a costly mistake. Sometimes your pictures or any information about your life like partying or drinking can work against you in court. The opposite party can use them to their advantage in the legal battle. Having a lawyer would prevent you from indulging in such activities and making such mistakes.

Apart from this, they would put up a proper defense in case of unexpected scenarios. For example, the other party, as part of their legal strategy can dig something from your past like drug addiction. Raising this point in court could be disastrous for you, and if you’re fighting your battle alone, putting up a proper defense could be difficult. This is why you need an experienced lawyer who handles such situations skillfully and properly. Finally, they take care of all the paperwork which can be tiresome and complicated.

In the US, there are organizations that can help you find top child support lawyers and a free child support lawyer if you can’t afford one.

Show The Evidence Of Good Parenting

To turn any case in one’s favor, a piece of solid evidence is required. In a child’s custody battle, you need to provide solid evidence of good parenting before the court to increase your chances of winning.

The evidence should include being there for your child whenever your child needs you. You can probably use pictures or videos to showcase how well your child is under your care. You can also share information about your active involvement in your child’s activities. For example, driving your child to the singing class or helping your child with sports. Besides this, you can even share evidence of how you actively encourage your child to maintain a good relationship with your better half.

All these are signals of good parenting and presenting them before the court can make your case much stronger and in your favor.

Cooperate With Your Other Half

One of the main important factors that judges see in such cases is how well you can work with your ex-partner in bringing up the child. If you sabotage your child’s relationship with your ex, then this sends a bad message to the judges. They may not give a favorable outcome in your favor. Remember, no matter how much worse your situation is with your ex, try to cooperate with him/her for the well-being of the child. The willingness to support and facilitate your child’s relationship with your ex can get you a favorable result.

Another very important piece of advice is not to bad mouth your ex during the legal battle. Judges will form a negative perception of you which may go against you in court. After all, perception is everything in such legal battles.

Show The Court That You Have Proper Living Arrangements

Another important factor the court considers is whether you have the capability of providing a stable physical living environment for your child. In short, a safe and livable property of your own.

Telling the courts that you will share an apartment with your friends and would raise the kids there wouldn’t be a wise argument. The judges require you to have a stable place, meaning enough space for you and your kids to live. If you don’t have a property of your own, rent a spacious apartment. Make sure it is close to your better half so that there won’t be a disturbance in the child’s daily routine.

Act Responsibly On Your Social Media Accounts

Cautiously handling your social media account during a legal battle is critical. In anger, you might vent your frustration and bad mouth your ex on social media but such an act can minimize your chance of winning the legal battle. Your ex can use this evidence against you before the court and question your ability to raise a kid.

Besides this, avoid posting pictures or videos on social media like partying or drinking during the legal battle as this can also be used against you to portray you negatively. Remember, judges also look at the character of an individual in such cases, and events like this puts a question on your character. So, avoid using your social media handles during the custody battle.

If you can’t keep off social media, you should take the advice of your lawyer. A lawyer can guide you on how to use your social media appropriately during the legal battle.

In Conclusion

Child custody battles are emotionally draining and stressful. Avoiding them and finding an out-of-court settlement would be the ideal way to solve the issue. But sometimes there can be differences of opinion on settlement and in such cases, the only option is to battle it out in the courts.

If you’re battling your child’s custody in court, hire a attorney for child custody, consult with them, provide solid evidence of your living conditions and parenting, stay off social media, and cooperate with your ex. Following all these tips can increase the chance of getting a promising verdict in your favor.

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