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Valentine’s day is marked every year on 14th February to remember those dear to us and express undying love to them. February is a month of love, and people from all corners of the world send or give their partners, or loved ones love gifts. Red is the color of the day, and if you walk around, you will see lovebirds holding hands in jubilation. Another activity that is synonymous with Valentine’s Day is throwing a party. What makes parties awesome Happy Valentine’s Day activity is that you can invite friends and family to have fun and share your love stories. Whether you hold it during the day or in the evening, there are plenty of party ideas like playing shot darts that you can use to make your Valentine’s Day Party memorable.

With so many party ideas running through your mind, which one is a proper up plan on this special day? You can organize a party for the whole family, including kids, or you can plan an adults-only Valentine’s Day party at night. As you plan that awesome Valentine’s Day party, don’t forget to include some lovely romantic flowers for your girlfriend. On Valentine’s Day, many Valentine’s Day flowers are available to send or decorate the venue. If you want the best floral gifts, online flower shops such as Cosmea Gardens will offer you the best romantic flowers at affordable prices. This article lists some of the best Valentine’s Day Party Ideas to make your Valentine’s Day fun exciting. Read on for inspiration.

Valentine’s Day Theme Party

valentines day theme party

Valentine’s Day Theme Party

Throwing a Valentine’s Day special theme party is a great way to make your Valentine’s Day awesome and memorable. Since day is the day’s color, you can have an all-red Valentine’s Day where everyone dresses in red, brings red Valentine’s Day flowers, and decorates the venue with red romantic flowers. Another way to have a Valentine’s Day theme party is to invite couples to celebrate their wedding anniversary on the same day. The couples can then narrate their love journey from how they met to when they tied the knot. With such an idea, everyone will have an awesome time at the party.

Organize for a family Valentine’s Day Party

Valentine’s day is even better when you have family around, just like Christmas. The cold of the winter should not hinder you from having fun on Valentine’s Day. Organizing a family fun Valentine’s Day party where you invite close relatives like uncles, aunts, cousins, and grandparents is an awesome way to celebrate your Valentine’s Day. On this day, you can organize games and contests, where every family member participates. Decorating your house or venue with beautiful romantic Valentine’s Day flowers will have your family party.

A Valentine’s Day Special Karaoke Party

valentines day karaoke party

Valentine’s Day Karaoke Party

Music brings people together on any occasion that you plan to have. If you want to make your Valentine’s Day exciting and memorable, then the best way to do it is to invite friends over to sing your hearts out on this special day. No shying away from the microphone no matter how terrible your voice is, because it is all about couples having fun and while singing to the words of their favorite love song. Invite everyone you know from family to your workmates or colleagues.

Organize a Charity Fundraising Party for The Less Fortunate

Since February is the month of love, the best way to show how much you love and care for the needy is to raise funds for them. This is a noble and philanthropic gesture to do on Valentine’s Day. Contrary to what many people think, Valentine’s Day is not only meant for those who share a romantic relationship. It is also meant to celebrate the love that we have for the community, which means taking care of the needy and less fortunate in society. If you love helping people, then organizing a fundraising party for them on Valentine’s Day is a noble cause that everyone will love to take part in.

Throw a Couples Beach Party

couples beach party

Couples Beach Party

If you live close to the beach, planning a Valentine’s Day special party for couples is a lovely idea. Spending the night at the beach while enjoying the warm breeze that comes from the sea or ocean is a great way to mark your Valentine’s Day. You can plan this party as neighborhood couples and invite other couples for good music, good, and drinks as you dance and party the whole night.

Invite Couples for a Cocktail Party

Good food and drinks always make a party fun and exciting for any couple. If you have the finances to hold a party at your place, then it is a good idea to invite other couples to mix various drinks to make cocktails. Valentine’s Day cocktail parties are great because couples showcase their experience making cocktails while soothing romantic music plays in the background.


Valentine’s day is a holiday to be celebrated with lots of fun activities to make it memorable. Planning parties is one way to make your Valentine’s Day awesome. We hope you have found one that you want to try out on this year’s Valentine’s Day with these few ideas. Whatever you want to do on this day, don’t forget romantic Valentine’s Day flowers for your girlfriend.

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