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Taking the time in order to create romance in your relationship is something everyone should think about so that you lead a fulfilling, sweet love life. Even if you think your ideas are lame and silly, your partner will be touched by the efforts and time you’ve indulged yourself into. This is the gesture that they will remember because really, it’s the thought that counts.

1. Write I Love U in Unlikely Places

Saying I Love you is somewhat mainstream when you can make it even more interesting. Write “I love you” in the most unexpected of places, places where they couldn’t even think of reading that. Perhaps in the kitchen, or maybe in the bathroom. But you’ll surely have to start right at their bed, and what is better than spelling I love you in their breakfast in bed? Apparently, nothing! Getting unexpected “I love you”s can make your partner’s day, and in turn, yours too!

2. Give Romantic Gift

Romantic gifts are something of a privilege to receive. If you want to gain extra points of being a good partner, you know that romantic gifts will work beautifully. And that doesn’t mean you have to give something extravagant, you can also order romantic balloons online. Yes, that’s an option too. Make sure that this gift is something your partner will absolutely love!

3. Give your Partner 100% of your attention

Your partner deserves your undivided attention and vice versa. However, with your busy schedules, you know it’s not always possible. There might be a time when you both are in the same room, but you won’t even have time to talk about. If you’re planning this day, you have to give your partner all of your attention. You might have to take a break from your work, but that will work out beautifully, that’s for sure. Plan a picnic, an outing, whatever – just keep it between you two and see how the love and romance will blossom.

4. Declare Your Love in Old- Fashion way

Nothing wrong in going to old school! If you choose this option, you’ll have to send flowers today for your partner. It’ll be so surprising and pleasant to your partner; they’ll absolutely love it. Tell them to dress up, and show at their doorstep, just in an old school way. Take them on a date, and just have fun. This way, you can always rekindle your deceased romance into a smoldering fire.

5. Take your Love on Romantic Dates

Romantic dates can never go wrong! Now, it’s up to you how to go forward. You can think of conventional methods – dinner or a movie date – or you can do anything that is very unconventional. Go on a hiking or a trekking trip. Go to that place you had wanted to go since ages. Try to think of another romantic way that can pass as a romantic date. You guys being together is what counts.

6. Make the Random Day Like Valentine Day

Perhaps you didn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, because you didn’t have time. Perhaps you want to celebrate it again. Whatever the reason, it doesn’t matter, because Valentine’s Day is a classic way of expressing love and rekindle your romance. Take your partner on dates and tell them to dress up for the occasion. It’ll be so much fun, you guys celebrating an ordinary day just like Valentine’s Day.

7. Be a Little Kid

You can always behave like a kid in front of your partner, and that’s a universal law. If your partner doesn’t find it annoying, then you know what to do! Be a kid. Little ones are endearing and quite entertaining to watch and be with. Be a little kid, act out around them and once they start having fun, it’s a given that they’ll join in your shenanigans as well.

Don’t think of doing every single thing given on this list at the same time. Spacing out these ideas over a span of a long time would ensure that you express your love the right way. These ideas are just to help you in getting started. Once you get a hang of it, your brain will crop up more and more ideas in the meantime.

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