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  • What Role Can IT Devices Play In Field Services?

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The role of IT in managing field operations technology

The IT department will become more involved in plant floor management by providing its insight into system management as the enterprise and operations network merge. Combined with software and IT-based business systems, this process is a complex one.

The worlds of Operations Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) are truly getting closer together. Plant floor gear is increasingly interconnected with enterprise networks through Industry 4.0 initiatives and the Internet of Things. This convergence of OT and IT is driving this trend. In our current economy, manufacturers require increased visibility functionality in supply chains to remain competitive, so these two technology groups cannot be separated.

Monitoring data

Field service management applications assist in providing field engineers with the right parts, at the right time, at the right location through the integration of asset data with action on the shop floor.

Field service management aims to provide a better experience for engineers since their time is spent more productively, and for operations personnel, since downtime is diminished and they can plan more efficiently. As a result, you will receive better service from clients, employees, and management since you have fewer interruptions and your production time is optimized.

OT systems are increasingly being administered and managed by manufacturers, making change management an essential tool. With such a procedure, the manufacturing workforce is in a better position to understand different applications – including the addition of a sensor to the system, the updating or changing of settings, and the connections between such changes at various points in the network. To implement any improvements, we must apply parches and make sure that all necessary approvals have been received.

Manufacturers can authorize incident management when they have an OT change management system that uses all the metadata that it provides about systems and their relationships. It occurs when there is a problem with a process, asset, or system management technology.

There are two types of incident management. Then we guide work processes to provide solutions for that specific problem. It may be that one of the systems doesn’t respond – because of an electrical fault or a gadget failure.

In instances where security or operational incident occurs, the work processes related to security are triggered – what we call a security incident response.

These are both critical incidents that should be handled differently, with specific work processes. It’s one to correct the problem and return to normal, and another to mitigate the possibility of a repeat of this event in the future.

However, you can use this technology to implement mitigation factors and determine which actions should be taken as part of the response process, in addition to separating the redundant systems.

As part of our Managed Field Support Services company, by automating field service operations and optimizing our operations, we can automate schedules and ensure that customer service does not suffer as a result.

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