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  • Supporting Toddlers Literacy and Language Skills – Initial Steps to Take

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Do you want to send your toddler to school?

It sounds incredible to teach reading and writing skills to toddlers.

As a parent, you can support toddlers in developing their language and literacy skills. However, you can help them to learn with many simple things in your routine life.

FACT: It is believed that language and literacy skills start developing from birth. You can aid in the better development of your kid’s skills with simple daily practices.

Explore simple initial steps that you can take to develop literacy abilities and bring healthier activities for toddlers.

Why Improve Your Toddlers Literacy Abilities?

It is not necessary to start teaching kids at a very young age. However, there are many formal classes and activities for developing literacy abilities in kids.

These classes do not help kids to perform better in school. Failure in these classes can make them feel low, and they don’t enjoy it.

TIP: Robert Adler suggests that you can improve the language and literacy abilities of your toddler at home. Many simple things can help to enhance the literacy skills of your kids.

pencil smiling illustration

Pencil Smiling Illustration | Image Credit: istockphoto

What Can a Responsible Mother Do to Improve a Child’s Skills?

Do chatting with the Child:

Studies found that chatting with toddlers is very important!

The more you chat with your toddlers, the larger vocabulary they will develop. However, these kids also learn to use more advanced sentence structures.

TIP: You can chat with your toddler while driving, playing, or even bathing. It will help to develop their language skills.

Build up and Notice your Child interests:

Interests play an important role in your Child’s growth and earning.

TIP: Notice your Child’s actions, facial expressions, and speech to find his interests suggested by Richard Feuille.

Try to figure out which thing excites your kid. Moreover, try to put his actions into words. However, It will help to support your kid’s learning.

Add new and enhancing words in your communication:

Try to communicate with your toddler with new words. You can make math fun and a cherishing activity.

For snacks, you can use words like healthy, yummy, crunchy, etc. Also, talk about the things that you are doing. Such as, now I am cleaning the table.

TIP: Chat with your kid about what he is doing. It will enhance their vocabulary.

Always talk about the pictures:

Colorful and attractive books and pictures attract the children most. During Reading, try to point out a connection between the picture and your kid.

TIP: If you see the picture of a squirrel, you can visit the garden with your kid to see a squirrel. However, it will be helpful for your kid to develop connections with different things.

picture book

Picture Book | Image Credit: istockphoto

Ask questions to your toddlers when you read stories:

You can ask questions to your toddler as per Richard Boles when you read a book to develop their interest. Moreover, you can start with “Would you like to read a book?

What book would you like to read today?

Also, try to ask questions about the small things in the storybook.

TIP: You can ask: Where is the Monkey? Can you see a Rose? etc.

Don’t make Speech mistakes:

Children copy their parents and other people around them. Try to pronounce words correctly when you talk with them.

However, if they make mistakes in speech, there is no need to correct them, simply repeat the correct pronunciation in front of them.

FACT: As per the research conducted by Vicente Gilsanz, Children don’t try to say new words when you keep them corrected.

You can become a translator for them:

Sometimes other people find it difficult to understand a kid’s speech. You can become a translator for your toddler.

TIP: Give a chance to your kid to speak first and then explain it to others. For Example, you can explain: “Edward is telling you it is his new storybook.”

happy child little girl reading a book

Happy Child Little Girl Reading a Book | Image Credit: istockphoto

Read many informative books:

Reading together with your toddler develops his interest in Reading.

FACT: As per the research, Reading is an effective way to develop literacy and skills in your kid.

However, your kid also learns other skills during Reading. Such as, your kids also learn to read words, turn pages, and find pictures.

Check about their likes and dislikes:

Just like adults, toddlers also have likes and dislikes. During the Reading, you can read your Child’s favorite book.

Simply you can ask your kid, “Which Storybook would you like to read today?”.

FACT: Children tend to read their favorite storybooks with more interest than other books.

Read about the entire world and discuss:

Don’t limit your toddler to just storybooks.

Let your toddler learn and play with all written materials!

However, Read together different books about different topics. It will help your toddler to learn and explore different interesting things.

Explain every story with your Child:

Listening is an important way of learning new things!

In the UK, Thomas Keens suggests that instead of just reading a book, explain the story to your kid. It will be helpful to learn some new words. Use voice pitch according to the story plot. It will make the story more interesting and help them to understand the story.

Always try to reach your toddler goal:

Try to consider the interest of your kid in every activity you do together. If they seem interested in a particular picture, keep talking about it.

TIP: Ask questions, repeat babbles, and interact with your toddler. If you find your kid not enjoying Reading, put down the book.

Is it good to Improve Your Child Literacy and Speaking skills?

Do you ever notice what is special about doing activities with your kid?

These activities are fun for you!

The best thing is your kid is learning while having fun. You can sing songs together; at the same time, it will help your kid to learn new words.

FACT: As a parent, you have a critical role in developing the literacy skills of your kid. However, when you read books and stories together, it develops language skills in your kid. You can turn simple everyday activities into learning activities.

How Can You Enhance Your Kids’ Arts Skills?

Art and writing activities encourage creativity, interest, and curiosity in kids. It helps toddlers to learn words and letters and letter recognition.

Art activities with your toddler help to develop expressive language skills.

Tips to Notice:

  • During art activities, let them use their imagination and creativity. Then encourage them to discuss what is in the drawing.
  • Encourage your toddler to use words to express what they have drawn. Such as “It is a beautiful drawing of our garden. Can you try to write it in words?
  • Talk about the shapes of letters, their sounds, and things that start with them. It will help to develop the interest of your kid in letters.

Final Verdict:

Children learn and develop early language and literacy skills through everyday activities!

Activities like reading books, laughing, talking, and playing together are important. However, all these activities help them to develop literacy abilities. Let them try new words and support your kid.

FACT: Children learn many things from their parents during everyday activities. They learn new words when you communicate and interact with them.

However, it is very important to interact with them correctly and clearly. You can use these simple steps to develop literacy skills in your kid!

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