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  • Five Engaging and Energetic Activities for Active Boys in the Family

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  • Published Date: July 19, 2023
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In a world full of digital distractions, it’s necessary to engage in activities that do not require screens. Various physical activities for boys do not only promote a healthy lifestyle but also nurture their adventurous spirits. Sometimes, finding those hobbies and activities can be a bit tricky. In this article, we’ll discuss five exciting activities that will let them release their energy and feel good about themselves.

Soccer (or any team sport)

While it’s a bit of a cliche, we’re still mentioning team sports as the first option for energetic boys in the family. Not only does soccer and other similar team sports allow them to release that built up energy, but it also allows them to socialize and find a group of friends interested in similar hobbies and activities. Team sports are also great in teaching the value of exercising as it’s easier to stay consistent with team activities compared to individual sports. Ideally, you’ll let your boys choose their team sport, but you can also suggest some alternatives. Just remember to keep it positive; do not pressure them to choose a sport that they do not feel excited about.


Maybe it turns out that team sports are not their thing? Well, you may want to look into trampolines. If you have ever been to indoor parks with your kids, you may remember that they always have trampolines. Believe it or not, they are there for a reason! Trampolining is perfect for releasing any stress and energy your body may feel. This applies to both kids and adults.

Nowadays high-quality trampolines come or are available with an enclosure. If you want a sturdy trampoline for the whole family, we suggest looking into rectangular trampolines. They offer enough room even for adults. Moreover, they have an even bounce which allows your boys to practice tricks once they get older and more advanced in terms of trampolining.

Martial Arts

Would your boys prefer something that challenges them both mentally and physically? In that case, martial arts are a fantastic choice. With various types like karate, taekwondo and judo, martial arts offer self-discipline and self-defense skills. They teach a lot about being respectful and have rules to follow. The journey through achieving various colored belts is encouraging, keeping them committed to the given sport. Since martial arts differ greatly from any traditional sports, give them enough time to explore it and try several martial arts. Finding the one may take time, but it’s worth it!

Obstacle Courses

Okay, maybe your boys simply want to run freely. If you have a yard big enough for building an obstacle course, why not try it! This activity is perfect for smaller kids as they’ll surely find a thrill in going even through quite basic obstacles. Use what you have already; various types of mats, trampolines, pool, tape, random sticks… Anything really. Add both physically and mentally challenging tasks to the course. Take turns and see who can go through the obstacle course the fastest!


Time to run free! Parkour is a sport that many parents feel strongly about. Either they support their kids fully or don’t want them to engage in it due to possible dangers. The reality lies somewhere between these two extremes. Parkour is all about navigating various obstacles efficiently. It includes jumping, climbing, pushing and pulling. Some may even call it the acrobatics of the streets! The word itself derives from a French word ‘parcours du combattant’ (obstacle course). Nowadays, there are parkour classes taught by Parkour professionals so anyone can learn parkour in a safe environment.

Lead by example and move together with kids!

These five engaging activities offer the perfect outlet for active boys in the family. No matter which option or several options your boys choose, we’re sure that they’ll feel at ease when releasing the excess energy in such activities. The best thing, however, is always to lead by example. Kids always follow and imitate their parents, so it’s highly recommended for you to just step out of your comfort zone and try these sports together with them. Create lasting memories and strong family bonds with your kids along the way!

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