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  • Cyber Sports: Harm Or Benefit?

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Any specialist will say that any sport of high achievements is ultimately harmful to health. Injuries, problems with blood vessels from intense exercise, an unbalanced diet… For fans of touring and those who dream of going into eSports, you should pay attention to Player-Space, a place where you can escape from your daily routine by watching a tournament and supporting your favorite team or a player.

What about esports?

When parliamentary hearings on computer sports were held, specialists in these matters were specially invited. In their opinion, “e-sports can become the healthiest sport of all” – the injury rate is zero here. At the same time, during the game, “the level of mobilization of an esports player is comparable to running a hundred meters or driving a racing car.”

  • Сomputer games in general, and esports in particular, improve spatial thinking. And “better than university courses in chess and geological modeling.
  • Мisual memory develops.
  • The age-related decline of mental abilities slows down.
  • There is an education of discipline and self-control. Without it, at major competitions – nothing.
  • When playing, a person feels effective, self-esteem increases. And this is reflected in other areas of life.


As with any sport, competition will be inevitable. However, in the case of esports, you are competing with yourself. In order to get into the best teams, you will need to reach the top of the leaderboard. To do this, you constantly need to overpower yourself, develop in order to be better tomorrow than today. In the standard labor market, it is enough just to have qualities that are more acceptable to the employer, but in eSports everyone is initially equal, it is your line in the rating table that decides in many respects.


Think about it, even a year has not passed since esports is an official sport. Based on the positive world experience, sponsors have an interest, but investing in a team (player) without a name is always a risk. However, if you manage to win at regional or republican tournaments, contracts will not keep you waiting.

An interesting observation of researchers: video games help to assimilate natural science knowledge and cope with complex mathematical problems. And players outperform their non-playing counterparts in the professional arena. Isn’t that why computer games in a number of countries are used for training surgeons, pilots, soldiers?

Ask, what about the well-known “computer” problems: loss of vision, impaired posture, weight gain. They, experts say, are solved by elementary “occupational hygiene” under the guidance of an experienced trainer. By the way, those who play eSports professionally spend half as much time on the computer as ordinary gamers.

More about prevention

There is reason to think … Our children live in the cyber era. So maybe it would be more rational not to protect them from “harmful” computers, but to teach them how to interact with them correctly? And achieve success in life thanks to modern technologies. Including – why not? – and in a young but promising sport – e-sports.

Thanks to eSports, young men and women quickly understand their peers and not only. They can learn to plan the time that is needed for training, study, and leisure. No less important is the ability to listen and hear the mentor, which facilitates the dialogue with parents and the older generation in principle.

The main thing is to alternate eSports with other activities and not give up the “real” life, like walking, traditional sports, and meeting friends. Like everything new, digital technologies require proper handling and some precautions.

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