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  • Top Six Cool Gadgets You Can Carry in Your Pocket

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With the introduction of pocket-sized gadgets, you can now be prepared for all emergencies after you leave the house. Whether you’re going to the mall or on a road trip, these accessible tools will have your back, and you might be surprised at how much easier they can make your life!

From projectors to flatware to folding keyboards, there is now a compact and pocket-sized version of every gadget, and we are here for it! Even devices that contribute to our entertainment and alone-time can be carried around in our pockets! How cool is that? These travel-friendly devices barely take up any space while providing all the functions of their larger counterparts. Moreover, they are affordable and useful, which makes them the perfect gifts for birthdays and holidays.

We’ve compiled a list of 6 cool gadgets you must have in your pocket every time you leave the house. They are sure to make your life easier, and if that’s not tempting enough, you can easily order them online and get your hands on them from the comfort of your home.

Fume Ultra Disposable Vape Pens

If there is one thing you will surely find in the pocket of every cool kid, it is a vape pen! Most people opt for disposable ones as they are cheaper. A great option is the Fume Ultra disposable vape pen. This pre-filled vape is compact and pocket-friendly, which makes it easy to carry around wherever you go. It has a capacity of 2500 puffs with a 1000 mAh built-in battery that produces powerful smoke and lasts a long time. Moreover, the 8 mL vape pod is filled with amazing e-liquid flavors. You can select from 23 flavors, including raspberry watermelon, bubblegum, pina colada, cotton candy, and Cuban tobacco.

The Fume Ultra vape only has 5.0% nicotine strength, which makes it considerably safer than smoking cigarettes.

iClever BK08 Folding Keyboard.

Typing long emails, writing essays, and completing typed assignments using your phone’s smart keyboard can become quite a hassle. This is where the iClever Folding Keyboard steps in. This pocket-sized keyboard is the perfect solution to all your typing troubles. You can sync it to three devices at once using Bluetooth, including phones and tablets. The keyboard is universally compatible, and you can connect it with any device!

Moreover, it has a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts up to 60 hours! The battery also has a standby time of 90 days. Thus, you do not have to worry about the iClever keyboard dying and abandoning you in the middle of your projects. It is a trustworthy and reliable device that you can easily carry in your pocket while you are on the go.

Apeman Mini Portable Projector

Having a movie night on your terrace or backyard is the ideal dream hangout for teenagers and young adults. With the Apeman Mini Portable Projector, you can sit under the stars and watch as many movies as you would like.

The Apeman Mini Portable Projector is compatible with all devices that have an HDMI port, including laptops, DVD players, gaming consoles, digital cameras, smartphones, and tablets. It weighs approximately half a pound, which makes it extremely easy to carry while traveling.

Wallet Ninja Multitool Card

The Wallet Ninja Multitool Card is the solution to all your tool troubles. The credit card-sized multi-tool card will make your life so much easier while traveling! Need a can opener to open your beer cans? Do you need a fruit peeler on your family road trip? Well, the Wallet Ninja Multitool card has it all.

The Wallet Ninja card has eighteen tools in one! It has four different types of screwdrivers, a nail puller, a letter opener, a centimeter ruler, an inch ruler, a box opener, a bottle opener, a can opener, and six hex screws, along with a stand for cell phones. You can keep it in your car for emergencies, take it with you on a camping trip or simply keep it in your pocket every time you leave home!

Anker PowerCore 10,000mAh Power Bank

Your phone running out of battery while you are on the go is a nightmare. You can not make urgent calls, check your to-do lists, or complete phone-dependent work. The solution is to invest in a good power bank that has a powerful battery and is compact and small.

The Anker PowerCore is a great pick and is barely larger than a credit card! It has much more juice than other power banks of the same size and can charge phones multiple times! It has a 10,000 mAh battery that can last for days if you do not use it constantly. With the Anker PowerCore, you will never have to worry about waiting for hours to recharge your gadgets.

Ka-Bar Tactical Spork Tool

We have all been in situations where we cannot eat our favorite snacks because of a lack of utensils. Whether it is a co-worker’s birthday cake or cup noodles at camp, you will need your spoon and fork to enjoy your treats. Fortunately, you can get your hands on the Ka-Bar Tactical Spork tool and never worry about having flatware again! It is a combo of a foldable spork and a tactical knife!

The Ka-Bar Tactical Spork is made of high-quality polymer plastic. It is unlike your ordinary disposable cutlery and will not break into pieces and ruin your meal with plastic bits! Moreover, it was made especially for traveling. Thus, it is lightweight and easily fits into your pocket, backpack, and desk drawer!


The right gadget is compact, useful, and economical, and all the devices mentioned in our list meet these criteria! Thus, you can close your eyes and order them without worrying about wasting your money. Once you get your hands on these six spectacular devices, we are sure you will not be able to live without them. They make your life considerably easier and take away the stress caused by trivial and mundane daily issues.

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