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  • SR41 VS LR41 Battery – What is the Difference Between Them?

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As we look into the difference between the SR41 and LR41, we will be providing you with their specifications and uses so as you can, in turn, detect the differences of each one of them.

Although the SR41 batteries can be used interchangeably with the LR41, they both have different qualities. If you are wondering if you need either one of the SR41 or LR41 battery for your device, learning about their specifications can give you a better idea of what to choose. Note that they are both quality button cell batteries and can provide you your desired result.

Typically, both cells are used for small electronic devices that need a very compressed power source such as wristwatches and pocket calculators. Because there are many button cell batteries out there, the LR41 and the SR41 can both be used on the same devices.

Firstly, lets briefly discuss all you need to know about the LR41 battery.

The Uses of the LR41 Battery

The LR41 is an alkaline magnesium battery used in various small electronic devices with little power needs. Such devices include wristwatches, laser points, digital voice recorders, kids’ toys, thermometers, and clocks.

The listed devices just mention aren’t the only ones out there that use the LR41 battery. The list goes on. Notwithstanding, if you purchase a device and it needs an LR41 cell, it should be indicated on the packaging.

Take note that sometimes a device may need up to two LR41 cells to power it up instead of a single cell. This increases the power output to generate more voltage.

The Voltage and Capacity of the LR41 Cell

lr41 cell battery

LR41 Cell Battery

The main specifications that you might need are the voltage and capacity of this cell. Knowing the voltage of a cell helps you identify the difference in the electrical capabilities of the two terminals of the cell, and is articulated as a number in volts.

The battery’s capacity tells you the amount of current it can provide for a particular period, shown in milliampere hours (mAh). A milliamp is one thousand of an amp.

The voltage of the LR41 is 1.5V, but if the cell is brand new, it can amount to 1.55V. The battery’s capacity ranges from 25 mAh to 32 mAh, for the batteries alkaline form and reliant on the cut-off point chosen. (1.2v or 0.9 v) and the particular cell. For specific battery versions, for example, the silver oxide, the capacity can range from 38 mAh to 45 mAh.

The Physical Dimension of the LR41 Battery

The size of the LR41 cell is constant across different cells. The shape of the battery is circular, or as mostly called, a disc-shaped cell. The size will be articulated both in height and diameter. The diameter of the cell is 7.9mmm, and the height is 3.6mm in measurement.

However, this measurement of the battery’s height includes the lower section extending upwards. If not, the height is 3.2mm. Not sure how to keep your car batteries in the best conditions, this website has expert tips on how best to.

The Features of the LR41

  • It has an excellent cost performance. It can achieve this because of the use of manganese dioxide as a cathode material.
  • It has an excellent leakage resistance.
  • It has a stable voltage output during high drain pulse discharge, allowing it has a regular discharge and an excellent pulse discharge characteristic.

All you Need to Know About the SR41 Battery

sr41 cell battery

SR41 Cell Battery

The SR41 is a silver oxide battery model that is befitting for any quartz device, and it’s made in japan. It is also environment friendly, just like the rest of its equal. The SR41 lasts longer than most of its counterparts and is very often used for small electronic devices. The SR41 is mainly used in the following application and devices:

Watches, laser points, alarm transmitters, clocks, cameras, kids’ toys, children’s books, some blood pressure instruments, calculators’ glucometers, and many other applications as well. Also, just as the LR41, some devices may need up to two cells of the SR41 for optimal performance. This would likely be stated on the instruction or packaging.

The Voltage and Capacity of the SR41

The specifications the SR41 will give you all the info you need in regards to the difference between both cells.

As you already know, the LR41 has a voltage of 1.5v, but the SR41 has a voltage of 1.55 regardless of how new it is. This allows the SR41 to provide more power to small devices enabling them to last a bit longer. The capacity of SR41 is 45mAh, which allows it to provide more current than most.

The Features of the SR41

  • It has a high energy density feature that helps contributes to the enhanced storage characteristics.
  • The SR41 has an excellent stable discharge characteristic that allows for constant voltage output availability during discharging.
  • It has very good leakage resistance.

The Physical Dimension of the SR41

Just as the LR41, the SR41 has a consistent size across all different cells. It is circular, and so, it is expressed in diameter. The diameter in inch is 0.311inch, and 7.9 in millimeters (mm). Its height is above that of all the other silver oxide button batteries, making it 0.42 in inch and 3.6 in mm.

Take Away

The LR41 cells are alkaline, but they are similar enough to be interchangeable with most silver oxide models. For most applications, the difference between the SR41 and the LR41 isn’t so significant. Still, for users who want a tiny bit, more voltage would go for the silver oxide because it has larger capacities and can provide a little more lasting time.

Also, the silver oxides are more appropriate for an electric device with higher power drains.

Lastly, before opting to purchase any of both batteries, make sure to look out for those marked with zero percent hg. This implies that you are safe if or whenever there is leakage.

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