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  • Throwing Shade: Designing Your Backyard to Have Refuge from the Sun

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At first glance, it seems that you would want to spend a summer afternoon soaking in the sun at home. However, there can be significant drawbacks to not having any shade in at all in your backyard. Perhaps the most significant drawback is that a lack of shade could make the space uncomfortably hot to occupy. It can also make it easier to get sunburn or headaches from the heat.

What can you do to provide some protection against the sun’s rays?

  • Plant Trees

Perhaps the easiest way to block the sun is to plant a few tall trees behind your home. If you don’t like the thought of raking leaves in the fall, you could opt for a conifer tree. They will likely thrive in open spaces where they can get sufficient warmth and energy from the sun. If you do decide to plant a tree, make sure that you spend time pruning its branches and taking other steps to keep it in good health. Do your research to find what tree is best for your purposes, taking into account things like climate, water consumption, and diseases.

  • Install an Awning

An awning is cover that can be rolled up when not in use. It is typically attached to the roof or another exterior wall, and it can come in a variety of materials and colors to suit your needs. An awning manufacturer may be able to talk more about the products it offers and which ones may best fit your needs and budget. There are a variety of awnings that can be made to fit any kind of space, and the nice thing about them is that they often are lighter and more compact than a full wooden structure.

  • Build an Enclosed Patio

An enclosed patio is a place where you can read a book, enjoy a drink or spend time on your computer indoors while enjoying the natural beauty of your yard. If the sun is too much to take, you can simply close the blinds or curtains to block out the light and heat that it creates. It may also be possible to install a window fan or ductless cooling system to make the space less humid as well. This is a good option for those who want to avoid as much sun as possible while still being close to the outdoors.

  • Use a Large Umbrella

While awnings and patios are nice, they generally only work if you’re willing to stay close to the house. If you are gardening, spending time at the pool or simply want a more portable source of shade, an umbrella may be your best option. In addition to keeping you cool at home, it can also be used at a picnic or while at the beach. Large umbrellas can attach to certain types of tables, but they can also have weighted ends so you can take it with you when you’re working in the garden. A smaller sun umbrella like a parasol can also keep you company on long walks.

Over time, too much exposure to the sun can result in sunburns, heat stroke and other health issues. Therefore, it is important that you take advantage of different items that can keep your family safe and make your home’s exterior look nicer. So look into these four ways to beat the heat in how you design your yard.

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