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  • Summer Sun Protection: 7 Super-Hacks for Skin Protection

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Sun-kissed skin, a large sunhat, bikinis, long road trips to the beach, the beach – these are only a few of the things you day dream about as summer is approaching. Planning the summer getaway is the start of the excitement as you imagine yourself sunbathing and getting that perfect tan. But wait, before you go day dreaming any further, back up a step and list down your essentials first.

It’s summer. You got to stay hydrated and you got to protect your skin. While the sun is a welcome force during this season, your skin may feel otherwise. Keep your skin and body protected from harmful UV rays.

Here are 7 tips for skin protection.

1. Spend Less Time in Sun

You may not want to hear this, but truly the best way to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun is to spend less time in the sun. The sun can emit harmful radiation that can damage even the healthiest skin when overly exposed, and can even lead to severe skin conditions or cancer. The good thing to note is that there are other fun activities to do under a shade such as cookouts, indoor swimming and backyard camping. If you are tempted to go under the sun, cover up as much as possible.

2. Always Wear Sun Hat and Sun Glasses

sun hats and sunglasses

Sun Hats and Sunglasses

Sun hats and sun glasses are not only a thing of fashion, although through the years it has become more of a summer fashion statement than a necessity. It’s a good thing too, because sun hats and sun glasses are there to protect you further when you need to go out into the sun, especially when it can be glaringly hot in the middle of a summer day. The sun hat can give you a small shade and protect your face from the heat, while the sun glasses can protect your eyes from too much light, heat and dirt during a warm summer day.

3. Protect Your Skin Acne

protect skin from acne

Protect Skin from Acne

Summer heat, coupled with sweat and dirt, can be the perfect trigger for an acne breakout. Protect your skin and plan ahead of summer to ensure your skin is healthy and not prone to acne. You can go on an Acne Diet. This kind of diet focuses on eating types of food that makes your skin healthier, moisturized and hydrated to prevent acne and avoid invasive chemicals. You should also consider using Acne Cream, even when you do not have an acne breakout. Using acne cream can protect your skin from acne and remove toxins, dirt and dead skin cells that can trigger acne.

4. Avoid Reflective Surface

A reflective surface is just as equally harmful as going under the direct heat of the sun. Surfaces such as glass, white painted ground, red or brown tiled walls or ground and anywhere near the roof are highly reflective surfaces that can store more heat than other non-reflective surfaces. The heat can attack your skin just as how going under the direct heat of the sun.

5. Always Try to Go Early Morning or Late Afternoon

Road trips, going on long walks and traveling are all part of the fun during summer. It may seem busy and full of activity, but take note to always plan your travels and trips early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Not only will this give you more time for your activities in the middle of the day, but you can avoid the heat during travel. Too much heat during travel can easily wear off your energy and vehicles are reflective surfaces of the sun’s heat.

6. Avoid Going to Tanning Salon

Getting a tan is the ultimate summer signature and letting everyone know that you’ve had an awesome summer. Sometimes, getting a tan can be too much of a statement that some may opt to go to a tanning salon. However, this is not a healthy choice for your skin. Tanning salons use chemicals that can be invasive to your skin, and although they may use gentle chemicals, these methods are still unnatural and should be avoided as much as you can.

7. Use Sunscreen

Last but definitely not the least; protect your skin from the sun by using sunscreen. Of course, it’s summer and you obviously cannot avoid going under the sun for at least a few hours of the day at a time. As long as you are packed with protection, in addition to preparing your skin, you should always wear sunscreen as added barrier between the harmful sun’s rays and your skin.

Plop along the white sand beach, sun-bathe all you want, take long walks until the sun sets and just enjoy the summer heat. As long as your skin is well-hydrated and protected, you can enjoy the sun and make your summer memorable and more fun.

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