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  • Reasons Why an Online CPR Certificate is Important

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Emergency scenarios that require CPR won’t exactly give you a heads up before they occur. Online CPR recertification gives you the knowledge you need to tackle such scenarios.

About 70 to 90 percent of cardiac arrests that are suffered outside the confines of a hospital are fatal experiences. The 10 to 30 percent that services these ordeals have a high risk of suffering body or brain damage. With these statistics in mind, the need for CPR training is apparent. Thanks to technology, you do not have to rack your brain trying to find the nearest training facility. You can simply attain the necessary training online. If you are looking to refresher course then you can go for online CPR recertification.

Here, let’s look at a few reasons why it is important to consider taking an online CPR class.

  • A Prerequisite in Day Care

Day-care centers have a huge responsibility in their hands. They are tasked with ensuring the safety of future generations in their formative years. They also play a crucial role in the lives of working or schooling guardians or parents. While the core function is to ensure the right environment for early childhood development, they still have to put in the necessary measures that ensure the children’s well-being.

Cardiac arrest is a risk that day-care centers cannot afford to overlook. There are numerous triggers for cardiac arrests among children thus the staff at these centers need to be well equipped to handle such scenarios if they occur. In some states, CPR knowledge is a necessary evil for anyone who wishes to work in such a facility.

  • Save Lives in a School Setting

Schools today are rather dynamic environments where anything could happen. With the amount of high energy and potentially high-stress activities taking place in a school at any given time, it is important to equip not only the staff but the students with CPR knowledge. It is impractical to expect the limited staff, and more so in public schools, to attend to the entire school populace at any given time. Extending CPR training to the students as well enables the school to better handle any emergency cases if and when they arise.

  • Avert Fatalities in Restaurants

Restaurants are another example of dynamic and potentially volatile environments. You could be enjoying a simple meal one minute and in the next minute, someone in the next table is choking. CPR knowledge comes in handy in such scenarios. Moreover, CPR certification does not only cover the resuscitation aspect. It also prepares you to deal with instances of choking. Restaurant owners and managers should thus consider enrolling their staff to CPR certification courses, whether physical or online.

  • Emergencies Occur at Random

Emergency situations are not like shopping sprees or vacations. You cannot plan for them. They are more like unwanted guests. You could be going about your daily routine and for one reason or the other, you or someone around you suffers a cardiac arrest. In such a scenario, you would want someone with the right knowledge to assist.

You do not have to be in the medical profession to appreciate the importance of even the most basic of CPR training. The purpose of CPR is to normalize the rhythm of the heart as well as restore pulmonary activity as an immediate intervention. Before you get the victim to a well-equipped healthcare facility, you need to keep them alive long enough for the doctors to save their life.

  • Healthcare Facility

Health care facilities also differ in their equipment and expertise. You may rush someone to a facility that lacks the necessary equipment to tackle the problem at hand. This does not mean that they cannot help with first aid in the form of CPR. Facilities that are not as specialized in terms of equipment and expertise have a basic requirement that their staff is knowledgeable in the science of CPR.

  • Comes Handy in an Office Environment

Office spaces are today becoming more conscious about the health and well-being of their occupants. A lot of employers now consider CPR certification as an added advantage. In the event an emergency occurs, employers with CPR trained staff are less likely to panic. Some employers are going the extra mile. They are organizing for CPR and basic first aid training for their staff.

Some professions also predispose us to conditions leading to cardiac arrest more than others. Studies have shown that athletes’ career is one that exposes them to higher chances of cardiac arrest. This is true, especially for young professionals. There have been cases of athletes that are otherwise healthy collapsing and losing their lives as people try to find help. Working in such high-risk professions requires that a majority of people in these fields be well versed in CPR.

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