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  • How to Create a Workplace Emergency Plan for Healthcare Professionals

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Most people in healthcare professionals are treating others, and rarely do they think about their own workplace emergencies. But, planning for this is important, and you should definitely make sure that you have a plan at all times. Here, you’ll learn how to plan for a workplace emergency in the healthcare profession, and some tips to consider when planning this.

Create a Management Point of Contact

For any healthcare professional, it’s important that they have a contact or contact in order to ensure that they have someone to talk to in case of an emergency. While many healthcare professionals are trained in basic first-aid, it’s important that they have someone to go to, and some emergency contact information when an emergency happens. Lots of times, healthcare professionals are looking to get their patients out of the area, so they need a place to contact, and someone to go to, and ensure that they have someone to discuss what to do next. You should make sure everyone has this information as well.

Provide procedures for what to do

If your healthcare team doesn’t know the plan already, always provide them with a plan to help minimize any confusions that happen. These include having a procedure that involves calling 911 if there is an immediate issue and also taking any precautions that are necessary in order to mitigate the risks that are there. If you have a situation that calls for immediate treatment, you need to do it within 3-4 minutes and make sure that with any issue, the medical emergency services are contacted.

You should make sure that, despite being in the healthcare field, you have some means to contact first-aid and medical services, especially if there are emergency cases that happen.

Train the professionals in First Aid

One workplace emergency management Melbourne point that should be emphasized is that you should get people trained in first aid. Basic first aid usually is simple to learn, and you can go through the Red Cross, insurance providers, and also fire departments to learn it. Lots of healthcare professionals may already be trained in this as well as part of their training. You should make sure that most of your medical team knows how to handle emergency issues, and also preventative tips to stop diseases and other problems from invading the workplace.

That’s not to say that your healthcare team should never call 911. no, you always do, and you should never administer aid that’s past what they’re trained to do. What that means, if you only know basic first aid and don’t know how to administer an AED, don’t do that. You need to make sure that you know what you’re doing and don’t try to be a hero just because you know a little bit of first aid. If you’re doubtful of your ability to help someone, then you should get some medical professionals there immediately.

That is to say, you should make sure that you do have in some capacity trained employees, but make sure they understand that there are bloodborne pathogens, so you should always have “universal precaution” in place, which means that everyone is contaminated with a bloodborne pathogen by assumption. This is the best way to be safe, and it’s something you should always do.

Have First Aid Kits on Hand

You should always make sure that a first aid kit is in place. This should be put together per OSHA requirements, although they don’t give a mandatory list of what should be there, but rather they want the contents to be approved by a position. Though, you should make sure that you put it together based on the dangerousness of the job. If you’re a physiotherapist for example that has any sorts of weight training or machines, you should make sure to have your kit follow that. If you are in an office space, you should adjust the contents as necessary. Usually, adhesive dressing, tape rolls, gauze pads, disinfectant, tweezers and scissors, safety pins, masks and gloves, a CPR mask, a gown, and bandages are good to have in there, and they should be checked to ensure that there are enough supplies in there.

first aid kits

First Aid Kits

Provide Means to Prevent Injuries from Happening

The best way to prepare for emergencies is to ultimately prevent them from happening. Make sure that your medical team gets the healthcare they need so that an emergency doesn’t happen. While they can be happenstance, if there is an ongoing issue, it’s important they get it handled.

For example, if you have a staff member that’s got neck, back, and head pain, along with stiffness and fatigue, it would do them good to get a Posture Pump Disc Hydrator to help with this so that there aren’t any lingering issues. Preparation is often a great first step, and if you are able to provide a way to prevent injuries, this often will prevent them from happening.

Prepare for Worst-Case Scenarios

The worst-case scenario may happen. For example, what would you do if a fire broke out in the office, or if you had a hurricane hit you immediately? What about if there was a truck that spilled hazardous waste right by the entrance to your office. Yes, these are all very rare emergencies, but here’s the thing: they can happen depending on where you are. Now, if you lived in a northern geographic location, you may not get hurricanes, but tornadoes and ice along with bad storms do happen. You want to make sure you’re prepared for literally anything, and you should always have a way to report emergencies, evacuation plans, emergency escape routes that are there, procedures for any employees to shut anything down, any rescue and medical duties that should be done, and also a location for people to go to in the event of an emergency, and make sure that the plan is known.

workplace emergency procedures

Workplace Emergency Procedures

Preparing for workplace emergencies is ultimately very important, and you should, as a medical professional, make sure that you have the plans put into place. Preparing for a workplace emergency is a seamless way to protect everyone, and it can make a difference in the ultimate result of what might happen in the event there is an emergency.

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