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  • Are Your Finances Turning You Into A Chain Smoker?

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Bills, car notes, credit cards. These are just a few things that almost everyone worries about on a monthly basis, if not a daily basis. Not to mention the cost of food and bare necessities people need to provide for themselves and their children or anyone else for that matter. USA Today reported that on average, the American household carries about 137,000 dollars of debt. This is enough to send someone into a spiral of stress. People begin to get so focused and worried about constantly dividing paychecks for payments, paying off interest, and more often than not missing a payment or two. So what happens when all of this is going on in your life and you see someone you work with smoking? Or you go out with your friends and they step out for a cigarette and they come back noticeably more relaxed? You think about trying it yourself.

Most people don’t just start smoking overnight. Usually they have a lot on their mind and feel some sort of weight on their shoulders, so they may ask a friend to take a puff or two of their cigarette. Then, they may even ask for a whole cigarette after a few times of just testing one out. From there is when it all goes downhill. One cigarette a week turns into one a day, which turns into one every time that you see a bill notice sitting on your counter. People by now know that cigarettes are bad news and know about the numerous health risks associated with smoking, so in the end is that feeling of relaxation and release worth the risk?

The funny thing about this is that the very people who were so stressed about their finances and their available money, have now created a new expense to add to their list. You wouldn’t think that cigarettes could be expensive and affect peoples’ pockets in a drastic way, but in turn that’s exactly what they do. Chain smokers especially feel the impact because of how many cigarettes they are purchasing. When you smoke, it doesn’t just affect your heart and lungs, it affects your bills and savings too. Americans spend about 80 Billion dollars every year purchasing cigarettes, so just imagine how much of that amount has come from your wallet thanks to this habit that was supposed to relieve your stress. In fact, you don’t need to imagine – smokers spend anywhere from 2,000 to 9,000 dollars every year on cigarettes depending on how many they smoke each day.

That’s an awful lot of spare change that could have been spent paying off your debts, your credit cards, and your bills. What people did not know when they started chain smoking is that there is a significantly cheaper and just as effective way to relieve stress by doing the same thing, inhaling a substance and exhaling. Companies saw the severity of smoking traditional cigarettes, so places like blackoutvapors started letting people know about vaping.

Vaping has become a widely popular tool in the States to aid people in a quest to either quit smoking or “smoke” in a healthier and less costly way. Vaping is much cheaper than buying packs or cartons of your favorite cigarettes. One vape device kit, which comes with everything you need and even replacement parts, usually costs about 50 – 100 dollars. And compared to one cigarette that lasts a minute or two, these devices last for years, so no need to buy more than one. The only thing that costs extra is the e-liquid for these e-cigarette devices, which still is on average an impressive 20 – 40 dollars per 30mL. That amount usually lasts users at least two weeks to a month, and less frequent vapers can use the same bottle for several months. So instead of spending about 70 – 150 dollars a week on a carton or packs of cigarettes, you could be spending less than a third of that and still get your nicotine dose and same feeling of smoking a traditional cigarette. Smoking e-cigs even offers aromatherapy, as some of the e-liquids come in the widest array of flavors from ocean mist to strawberry lemonade. So vaping may even bring you a happier feeling than cigarettes have been.

Don’t give your money to big tobacco companies, give it to yourself and pay off your house or your car. Kicking a Nicotine addiction is not an easy thing to do, but getting Nicotine in healthier and cheaper forms is. Whether you vape, use patches, or even chew specialized gum, any modern form or “smoking” is less harmful to your body and your pockets than the age old one that is still around.

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