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  • Most Important Inventory Management Features That You Need

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Are you running an e-commerce business, or owned a supermarket? Are you thinking of establishing a company? Whatever your business type is. We are here with an interesting topic for all of you. Let’s start the topic without wasting any time.

Ask a question to yourself. What is the purpose of your business? Yes, earning profits by providing goods or services to customers. Right? Do you think is it a simple process to fit into a single line? Of course not. Let’s see with broad vision. In the business, we have to purchase stock in a particular quantity. Then it is stored in the right place where it can be easily accessible. All products are not highly selling products. You have to deal with the fear of overstock and stock out situations. If you fail in it, the results will be a decrease in sales volume and profits. This situation creates long term effects. Customers will not trust your business. Ultimately your business suffers a lot.

How can you save your business from this panic? These factors are related to inventory. You have only one choice to improve your inventory management process. Why and how is it possible? We will give your insight into every aspect of your inventory. Keep up with us till the last line.

Have you listened to the inventory management system? We are going to provide you information about what is an inventory management system and features that you need for your business. By this article, you can easily select the right inventory management system with the right features. First, have a look at what an inventory management system is.

Inventory management system

An inventory management system is a software tool that is used to track inventory. It includes every step of the stock management form placing an order to delivery of products. They are designed with different features depending on the requirement of the business. By using an inventory management system, businesses can reduce wastage, monitors the selling trends, and make effective business growth strategies.

Now you are well aware of the inventory management system and its impact on business growth and profitability. Here we are going to discuss the most important features that you need. Before selecting a system must check out these features for effective results.

Products information

Product information is necessary for inventory management. Every system has the option of recording information about products. At the very first step, information about the product is added. Further, all processes and reports are based on this data. There is an impact increasing on products by purchasing. The product status shows a decreased level after the selling process. You can check the status of the products at any level. It also provides you with details of sales, purchase, and loss.

Vendors and customers information

Are you confused about how the inventory management system uses contacts? We will explain it to you. Whether you want to buy stock or sell your products you are dealing with contacts. An inventory management system has a feature to maintain the record of both the customers and vendors and you can easily save the new contacts to use them in time of need.

Next time when you need a stock for your business you can easily find the supplier’s contact with the help of inventory software. You can easily place purchase or sale order according to requirement.

Barcode scanning and generating

Barcode is a computer-readable code that is used to categorize the products. The inventory management system uses barcode methods to track inventory. There is a specific barcode for each product. By scanning this bar code, you get easy access to the information of the products.

A good inventory system uses barcode scanning and generating capability. By this, you can easily arrange and place your inventory.

Recording of complete purchase flow

Purchase flow includes all steps from ordering to payment of stock. The inventory management system has features to place a purchase order to the desired vendor from the list of contacts. This purchase order has all information about stock and its quantity. The purchase order shows the pending status until the receiving of products. The receiving of stock causes an increase in the products. And finally, the payment for this stock records in the form of a bill. This information will prove beneficial for multiple purposes.

Recording of complete Sales flow

Sales are the most important factor in business. A good inventory management system has a quality of complete record of sales flow of a business accurately. The sales process starts with receiving sales orders. The inventory management system has to deal with the confirmation of sales order to delivery of products. It is also responsible to have records of all sales with product details and quantity. After the delivery shows the exact value of the remaining stock that is decreased after sales of goods.

Stock notification

Have you ever faced a situation where customers demand for their favorite products and these products are out of stock? Inventory management system is basically designed to save you from this embarrassing situation. It helps you to maintain a reasonable quantity of products by creating overstocking and stock-out situations. For this purpose, stock notification helps you a lot. The inventory management system also has the ability to automatically cover the stock when it reaches a set limit. The inventory management system also gives alerts for overstocking products. Business holders immediately chose promotional discount techniques to clear the overstock situation.


The inventory management system provides another facility to its users. By this optional feature business holders can apply tax on products while adding them in the inventory system. You have another option. Simply add tax rates to products on sale or purchase of items.


Reporting another amazing inventory management system. This feature gives you the chance to access the inventory status anywhere and anytime. This provides you the option to critical analysis for the selling trends of products. These reports are beneficial in making future business strategies. That’s not the end. Inventory management systems also generate future reports. These reports are based on previous facts and figures. You can define your goals and objectives and make an effective effort to achieve them.

Bottom line

Still, you are worried and confused. The reason is how to find a perfect inventory system that has above all mentioned features. We have asked you to read the article until the last line because we have something for you. The solutions to all problems of your inventory management that is SeeBiz IMS. If you are searching for an inventory management system that suits your business. SeeBiz (IMS) is the right option for you. It contains purchase orders for delivery of products each and every step. Take advantage of modern technology for your business and manage your stock with less cost and effort.

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