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  • When Should You Install Outdoor Blinds?

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If you live in a region that frequently experiences sunny or warm weather, some of your home tasks or pastimes might feel hindered at such times. Too much heat or brightness can put a damper on outside activities that are meant to be productive or enjoyable. Outside blinds might help to alleviate the problem. Outdoor blinds are blinds that are used to shade or prevent dust from getting inside a porch or deck area. It is also common for gazebos that are in hot environments. Any space that may need shade and has a structure to support blinds, is likely a good candidate for outdoor blinds.

Leisure Activities

In nice weather, we like to lounge on the deck or patio while reading, napping, or conversing with family and friends. If the sun’s glare is intrusive, consider installing outdoor blinds in these areas or your porch. Adjustable blinds can be raised or retracted when not in use, and they can admit the precise amount of light or air that you want for the occasion. Choose a color and style that coordinates with your home’s exterior and color scheme to create a special accent to these areas. The blinds are typically made from a fabric material that comes in almost any color, though earth tones such as grey and brown are more common. The fabric is also treated so that it can handle rain or other weather conditions.

Kids Play

Kids love to play just about anywhere outside. However, when it gets really hot outside, it may not be enjoyable or even safe for your kids to stay out in the sun. Luckily, there are many spaces that can be upgraded with outdoor blinds to make the space more enjoyable. They might settle in the garage for a game of darts with their friends or hang out on the patio playing video games. External blinds can be installed over windows or around the perimeter of any areas like these to reduce the sunlight and heat. Some styles will allow light breezes to pass through for added comfort. A finished storage shed’s windows could be fitted with blinds to provide more covered space for leisure and fun activities.


Household pets like to spend time near the windows so they can see what is happening outside. A foyer or sunroom might have indoor blinds installed to keep pets comfortable during the day. Pets who prefer the porch or a covered deck can be protected from extreme heat or bright sunlight by adding blinds hung outdoors in these areas. This is more common when it comes to outdoor porches but it is also a common practice for those who have outdoor pets that have simple roofing systems.


Growing plants and flowers in outdoor spaces near the house or garage may require occasional management to ensure they receive the proper amount of light and heat. Unless you have a greenhouse with special temperature regulations, you may want to have blinds installed on the porch, patio, or similar spaces where plants need special conditions to grow. The blinds help to excessive heat out while allowing a limited amount of airflow that won’t tip the plants or cause damage. This is common for those that want to grow plants that aren’t natural to that area. Especially if you excessive wind or sunlight that could be harmful to the plants.

If you want to make your outdoor spaces more luxurious and increase the number of useable places around your home, consider getting outdoor blinds. They can help to protect against extreme weather or climate conditions to add more living space to your property.

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