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  • How to Keep Your Patio Warm in Those Winter Nights

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There’s nothing better than to spend a quiet, pleasant night in your outdoor space, either alone with a book, having dinner with the family, or just hanging out with friends over drinks. However, on a cold winter night, it seems almost impossible to be outside and give use to your patio, as it’s harder to find it comfortable and cozy. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. There are a lot of things you can do to make your outdoor space much comfier and warm during winter, and to allow you and your guests to keep using that safe little area without freezing out. Let’s see some examples!

Putting a Fire Table on the Patio

Take advantage of the best propane fire tables 2020, as these are not only beautiful pieces that will give your patio an elegant ambiance, but also a source of warmth in the winter cold nights. There are many available models out there for you to choose from, and without a doubt, you will find the one which suits your outdoors the best. These are worth the investment, and there are a few that can even turn to a dinning, or drinks table. However, this is fire and with fire, it’s necessary to take precautions, wherever you decide to put your fire table, be careful of the surroundings. In any case, this, no doubt, will allow you to enjoy your patio much more and more comfortably.

Attaching a Roof

This one is a whole year type of solution and it’s filled with benefits. Adding a cover to your patio will help you and your guests keep warm, just like cool on the hot days. From gazebos to patios tents, from patio covers to pergolas, there are so many options to choose from and certainly, you will find the one which fits the best. One important warning, if you keep a fire pit or a fire table under the covered area, then always take the right safety measures.

Heating Lamps

Getting some outdoor heating lamps is another solution available for anyone who wants to give their patio a cozier ambiance. They don’t take too much space and are easy to store when not needed. Most of these lamps run on propane, but if you really want an electric one, there are a few in the market. Usually, one lamp can heat up an area of 25 square feet, so depending on which areas you want to heat up, you can get as many as needed.

Outside Decoration

If you have an outside patio and you usually use it to gather friends or to hang out by yourself, most certainly, you’ll want to make it as comfortable as possible. Making it cozy helps to keep it warmer. That’s why choosing the right furniture can improve the comfy feeling your patio transmits. Going for warmer colors and fuzzier textures have a big influence. One big example of this is rugs! Most of the time, the patio floors are stone and it’s quite cold, so adding a few carpets or rugs will protect you from the cold better. Adding to this, in case you have outdoor sofas and chairs, place pillows and fluffy blankets, as it allows anyone who feels colder to stay outside by wrapping up on a blanket.

Heated Floors

If you think that rugs won’t be enough or are not exactly your style, don’t worry, there’s another solution for the cold floors. If you want to go beyond the simple, there’s always the option of installing heated floors. This is quite popular already, but most of these installations are on the interior floors, but nonetheless, would be a great addition to your patio. The days of cold feet are over.

Decorating With Lights

Having a fire table will provide not only warmth but also a little light, however, this will only light a small specific area and might not be enough. Adding more lights will brighten up your patio and create a cozier feeling to it, as well as avoid that you end up in the darkness in case the fire goes out. If you don’t want to go with the typical lights and want to try something new, you can go for the lights with a solar panel, this way it will charge during the day and be ready to light up your outdoors at night.

Finally, All Cozy and Warm

There’s no doubt that the idea of not being able to enjoy the patio during the wintertime is sad and after this, you have no excuse not to go sip on your cocoa or cook some smores by the fireplace on your porch. All of these ideas will allow you to stay outside all year long and not worry about not having space to host all your friends. So, get your fireplace ready and the softest pillows and enjoy your cold nights in the coziest place on Earth.

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