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  • 5 Tips Before Buying Cricket Shoes

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Your footwear is an integral part of your attire when you’re playing professional cricket. Both batters and Fielders have different roles on the field and to fulfill them they need to make sure they’re wearing the shoes that will adapt to their roles perfectly.

The upper part of the shoe should be comfortable

Being the top part of the shoe, the upper part covers your entire foot. The flex of your movements and the comfortability of your foot depends on the upper part of the shoe. If you’re a batter, you’ll need to look out for a shoe that has a firm top part considering deadly yorker deliveries but make sure that it stills allows free movement.

If you’re a bowler, the upper part of the shoe should contribute to keeping your foot in one place when you plant your foot at the time of run-up.

Look out for the Outsole

Being a cricketer, it’s important for you to have a firm grip on the ground regardless of your role in the field. Your foot grip depends on the outsole, the bottom part of the shoe.

A strong grip is required whether you’re a batter running between the wickets or you’re the bowler that needs assurance that your foot won’t slip past the crease. Before buying your pair of shoes don’t forget to consider the Outsole of it and make sure to look out for one that will improve your grip.

Spikes are the game changer

Outsoles with half spikes are beneficial for the batsman. They have spikes at the face of the sole, which improves the running speed. Shoes with spikes all over the sole are ideal for a bowler as they provide a firm grip on the ground improving the execution of the bowler.

When the ground is soft, shoes with spikes are preferred by the cricketers as they make holes in the ground keeping players well balanced on the field and they help in reducing the chances for a player to slip.

What brand would you want to choose?

There are a number of brands that deal in cricket shoes but amongst the shoe manufacturers Adidas, Nike, and Kookaburra lead the list. Cricket shoes at Adidas are usually focused to provide a comfortable footwear experience. They’re made to help players with stability and support on the field. Shoes at Nike are very convenient and their lightweight helps batsmen and fielders on the field. Also, Nike offers the best cricket spike shoes in the market.

Most of the cricket shoes at Kookaburra are affordable. They charge less, but the quality of their sole is elegant and their shoe stands out when it comes to durability.

Make your decision wisely

Buying the perfect cricket shoes for you is an art. You can only get one perfect pair for yourself if you know your needs and what kind of shoe will fit accordingly.

Even the slightest details matter, so make sure don’t miss out on any important area before purchasing. If your selected pair of shoes is good, your confidence will boost up and whether it’s fielding or batting your game will get better than ever.

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