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  • The Essential Casual Shoes Every Man Must Own!

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Shoes are some of the most popular fashion apparel. For many people shoes are also a statement through which they express their identity. But as fashion is becoming more and more convenient and acceptable, bulky formal shoes that need maintenance, cleaning and are often very expensive and too formal, we have seen the rising trend of casual shoes.

Casual shoes are basically the kind of footwear that you can just slip into without too much care. The two most important elements of casual shoes are definitely style and a laid-back feeling of comfort. As such, the point of wearing casual shoes is to look relaxed and informal. This whole aesthetic has become very popular with the youth who want to appear cool. But casual shoes are also getting more acceptance in other demographics.

Why Casual Shoes?

  1. Casual shoes can be pretty much worn for any occasion except in very formal settings.
  2. Casual shoes are comfortable to put on and wear for extended periods of time.
  3. It is easy to style casual shoes as they generally go along with many types of clothing and fashion.
  4. As casual shoes usually aren’t built with painstaking craftsmanship, they are much more affordable and easily available.

Now that we know casual shoes are so beneficial, it is easy for anyone to understand that they have become a wardrobe essential. For more laid-back environments and outings, casual shoes are the most desirable. This article will tell you about the types of casual shoes that every man must own.

Different Types of Casual Shoes


Sneakers are perhaps the most quintessential form of casual shoes. Sneakers often come in two varieties of high tops and low tops and are lace-up shoes. The most popular material for sneakers is the canvas.



Sneakers are washable, comfortable to wear, and also affordable. The main point about sneakers is the sheer freedom in styling them. Sneakers can come in a plethora of styles. Solid colors, checks, patterns and designs, and even illustrations are very commonly seen in sneakers. Sneakers are popularly made by Converse, North Star, Adidas, Nike, and Reebok.

Slip Ons

Slip Ons are very casual and comfortable shoes. Slip Ons have a low cut and are lace-less. The name comes from the fact that you can literally slip on the shoes over your feet without the hassle of loosening the laces, then putting in your feet, and then tying the laces.

slip ons

Slip Ons

Slip Ons are very convenient and quick to wear because of this. Similar to sneakers, slip-ons are also available in a wide variety of fashions and many creative and funky slip-ons can be commonly found. Slip Ons are made with a variety of materials ranging from canvas to synthetics.


Espadrilles are a form of Spanish footwear that have recently become very popular forms of casual shoes. The popularity of espadrilles comes from them being ideal for summer wearing. This is due to the fact that espadrilles are made with cotton fabric, and the sole is made with a local kind of Spanish rope.



The benefit of this is that the lightweight cotton fabric makes the shoes very breathable and allows air to circulate in the shoes keeping your feet cooler and less suffocated during hot summers. Espadrilles are also very easily washable and don’t pick up dust or stains too easily, which makes them easy to maintain.

Sports Shoes

Sports shoes are surprisingly useful as casual shoes too. It is because most shoes come with a lot of padding that makes them very comfortable to wear and walk-in. Sports shoes are made with many kinds of synthetic material with cotton or silicone padding attached to it.

sports shoes

Sports Shoes

The springy step and cushiony feel of the sports shoe make it very easy to walk in. The popular sports shoe brands include Adidas, Puma, and Nike, as they even make sports shoes for world-class professional athletes.


Although loafers can be of both casual and formal types depending on the structure, the casual ones are the commonest. They come mostly in suede uppers and give that perfect casual outdoorsy vibe that you will absolutely love! If you are confused about what kind of outfit to team it up with, know that you cannot really go wrong here.



You can wear them with almost any outfit to any occasion. As long as you avoid wearing suede loafers to beaches or road trips or to formal events for that matter, you are good to go!

Boat Shoes

As the name suggests, boat shoes were originally made by sailors to wear aboard a ship or a boat so that they do not slip on the wet deck while walking.

boat shoes

Boat Shoes

For this purpose, boat shoes are low, non-laced, and come with a rubber sole with no markings, which helps them grip on slippery surfaces. Boat shoes are made with leather and canvas and have very high-quality stitching. Boat shoes are built to be very durable and can last a very long time.


Moccasins are a classic and timeless kind of footwear that lies on the border of being both a casual and formal type of shoes. Moccasins are usually made with a leather construction. The defining characteristic of a moccasin is that unlike slip-ons, it doesn’t have a protruding heel at the tip. Moccasins often have a rounded or rectangular tip that gives them their unique and recognizable look. The benefit of moccasins is that even while being casual and comfortable footwear, you can still wear them to formal events and look amazing. Moccasins are also relatively affordable as they come in faux leather for budget options.



With the information on the above casual shoe types, you now know what your perfect wardrobe deserves, and now you can find the perfect casual shoes for yourself. Casual shoes can be worn anytime, anywhere, without the risk of looking ugly and feeling uncomfortable. Every man must own some casual shoes for their daily wear, and this list has given you the right pointers.

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