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  • 4 Things You Can Do to Better Prepare for Airport Security

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Going through airport security might seem like a hassle, but it’s part of the reality with which travelers must deal. Instead of grumbling and complaining, make sure that you’re prepared to get through security with a minimal amount of fuss.

Below are four tips that will help you to better prepare to deal with airport security.

Build Extra Time into Your Schedule

Airport security never seems to be quite as much of a problem if you’ve got time to spare. As such, it’s important to build a little extra time into your schedule just to get through security. If you’re flying through a major airport or an airport that tends to have problems security, make sure that you build an extra hour into your flight schedule. Show up early, get through the line, and then spend some time relaxing safe in the knowledge that you won’t get stuck in the line.

Double-Check Your Documents

Always double-check your documents to ensure that the name on your tickets matches the name on your identification. In a best-case scenario, running afoul of name matching software is going to slow down your trip through security, while a worst-case scenario might cause you to miss your flight. If you know that there’s an issue ahead of time, you will generally have an easier time solving the problem at the service counter than in the security line.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Dressing for the security line is never a bad idea. Wear shoes that are easy to take off and make sure that there is no metal on your clothing. It might even be a good idea to leave more involved jewelry in your bag or in your luggage, as having to take it off and put it back on can make the security process take a little bit longer.

Pack for Easy Access

Finally, make sure you pack your carry-on bag in a way that makes it easy to access any electronics or batteries that have to be taken out in the line. This will help you to keep the line moving, allow you to comply with security regulations, and make it easier to pack your bag up again when you have made it through the line.

Dealing with security is much easier if you prepare ahead of time. Show up early, make sure your documentation is correct, and make life easier for yourself when you are in line. While it’s never fun to go through airport security, you can make it less of an ordeal with a little planning.

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