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  • Payment Gateways: What They Are And How To Build Them

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You are on a website. You select a few items and tap on the ‘add to cart’ button. Once you are done selecting your items, you go to the cart and purchase the items. The items will be delivered to your house or anywhere else that you want easily. No muss, no fuss. Right?

But do you know the amount of technology and coding that goes into making a payment gateway? We usually take it for granted. We make fun of websites that sell products or services that don’t have a payment gateway. But it’s easier said than done. Developing payment gateways is a tedious task.

As far as shopping is concerned, payment gateways is something you cannot overlook. There are different ways that you can make the payment. You can pay cash on delivery, you can use credit cards, and more. More and more people are now opting to pay online rather than go to the store physically and pay there.

What is a payment gateway?

A payment gateway is how you process customer payments on your website. There is no other technology that can help you with this issue. What it does is create a communication channel between your website and various banks so that you can process the payments through them.

Think about it. What will you do after you receive a customer’s card information? Where do you go with the information and how do you make sure that the amount of money is charged to your account from the customer’s account? How will you know if the card has been accepted or declined?

We all know how important and confidential the card information is. You need to make sure that you don’t lose the information or enable someone to access it behind your back. Protecting your customers’ information is tantamount. Financial information theft is one of the most common thefts online. Every now and then you will hear about hackers who broke into some website’s database and stole the credit card information of hundreds of customers. That is why you must have a technologically advanced payment gateway that doesn’t allow someone to enter through a back door and leave with the information.

Why payment gateways?

For any transaction to happen, it should have a firm connection between the customer and the business. That is the only way an online transaction can work. If there’s no connection then you cannot do anything about it and the customer has no means of paying you for the items that they want. That is why a payment gateway becomes so important for both businesses and customers.

But having a connection is not enough. He needs a sense of security if he is to divulge his most precious information to you. You need to give that sense of security to him. We all know the kind of risks involved with online payments. Hackers can steal and use that information. That is the reason consumers are becoming more and more doubtful in share their card details with anyone online. But if your payment gateway is secure enough, you will have their trust and they will gladly do business with you.

How to build a payment gateway:

If you want to enable your customers to pay according to the method that they like and still have complete control over the security, functionality, and usability, then you need to contact a good Mobile development agency that can design such a payment gateway for you.

By creating a custom payment gateway for your website, you will not only provide multiple options to the customers, but you can also differentiate yourself from your competitors who are still working with third-party payment service providers or those who are still working with basic models of payment gateways.

You could hire an in-house software development team and software engineers to do it for you, but the optimum option is to hire an outside software development firm. That is they are experts at it. This is what they do all day. Just tell them what you need and they will build it for you.

Also, you will save a lot of your time by contacting an outside software firm. That is because payment gateways are not as easy to build as they seem. A lot of testing and analysis goes into building one and if you are doing it yourself, then you are taking time away from your real business.

Payment Gateway Vs. Payment Service Providers

As mentioned earlier, you also have the option of implementing a payment service provider. These are third-party service providers that enable you to process payments. If you are a startup or a small business, you might not have the time or the budget to go for a payment gateway. Also, you might not have the credentials for it. For these businesses payment service providers are a viable option. It may not be the optimum option, but it is still there.

Payment service providers take a small fee to process all your payment requirements. They make it easy for you to move the money from your customers’ bank account into yours. You can also opt for payments through multiple currencies. This is an easier to use option if you don’t have the budget for a payment gateway. But you will have to pay a transaction fee every time you make a transaction. In the long run, it might cost you more than a payment gateway that is a one time expense.


Although a payment gateway might cost you in the beginning, it is still the best option for any eCommerce website and in the long run, will benefit you more. You will have total control over your payment solutions and you will be able to cater to your customers better.

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