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  • Top Monetization Techniques – How Do Food Delivery Services Make Money Via Apps

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Food delivery services are so much on the rise that businesses are making the most of it nowadays. Thanks to the advanced technology that makes it possible to get things done right from the app. The opportunity of building an app has become a boon for service providers, and food delivery startups are now putting in a lot of effort to make a profit at every turn and beat the top names in the industry.

It is common to see that a food delivery business earns through commissions on the successful delivery of food orders. But the reality says more than that – There are so many ways food delivery businesses make money. Whether you are already into the food delivery business or looking to launch a new one, this post will explain to you better how food delivery services make money in a competitive industry and reach new heights.

The concept of online food delivery apps

Food delivery apps are the best alternative for delivering food from local restaurants to customers’ doorstep in minutes. In a single tab of a mobile phone, they can order from a variety of restaurants. Ease and simplicity are some of the factors that make food delivery apps more valuable and beneficial. Customers don’t have to go to restaurants to make orders and pick them up. Food delivery apps make everything possible by providing customers a way to make orders in just a few clicks.

How Food Delivery Apps Benefit

You can experience seamless benefits by launching an app for the delivery of your food with the top food delivery app development company. Let’s discuss those benefits in detail:

Higher Profits: One of the formal benefits of developing a food delivery application is that it offers so many ways to earn extra. Both the restaurants and customers are considered revenue sources of the chain that are ready to spend for specific operations on the platform.

Remote Area Access: It is true food delivery applications come with a little bit of delivery cost, but you can’t deny these applications offer easy accessibility to the remotest areas. This not only gives you more customers but also doubles your profits.

Low Maintenance: Another fantastic feature of food delivery apps is they don’t require much maintenance. All you need is to find a reliable food delivery app development company, and you take an essential step to convert your business online.

Engage Customers Using Discount Offers: Many customers indeed order food online to save some of their money. The food delivery app comes with amazing discount offers and combo deals which you can use this feature to engage more and more customers.

Provides Cashless Experience To Customers: Nowadays, nobody wants to keep cash in their wallet. Availability of cashless service from food delivery apps makes the whole payment experience quite manageable for the customers. Moreover, customers can choose from multiple payment gateways to make secure transactions.

How Do Food Delivery Services Make Money?

Listing Restaurants On Your Interface – Restaurants likely advertise their food menu everywhere. Being an owner of the food delivery platform, you can earn by allowing restaurants to list them in prominent places and promote their brands on your platform.

Earning Commissions On Food Orders – Being an owner of the food delivery business, you can charge a fixed commission or fixed percentage on orders placed through your platform. You can start by providing your platform for free and negotiate commissions with restaurants.

Delivery Charges – Most restaurants do not go with hiring their delivery agents and prefer other platforms to use staff for efficient deliveries. It’s an excellent opportunity for you to support the restaurants, offer them delivery staff to perform deliveries, and charge delivery charges as per orders from the restaurants. It is an excellent approach to charge for delivery and make a stable income. Therefore, you can consider it an additional source of income.

Payment Gateway Charges – There is also one way you can go with negotiating with payment gateway companies about charges they charge based on online payments. Being a platform owner, there are several daily transactions you have to handle. With this in mind, you will be provided with the best transaction fee, and you can charge more than that transaction fee from listed restaurant owners.

Subscription-Based Earning – For the owners of food delivery businesses, there are two Subscription-based Food delivery app Solution earning models.

  • You can start with making different subscriptions plans for restaurants. By using the plan, they can limit the food items, orders, feature listings, etc.
  • Another you can also offer subscription plans to users that cover discounts, monthly subscriptions for earning reward points, etc. There is a way to charge them monthly, quarterly, and annually.

Charges During Peak hours – There is one more way you can choose to make money with delivery apps. Such a monetization approach involves the process of making money during peak hours with food delivery apps. During peak hours, food delivery businesses limit menus and charge an extra fee. By hiking the delivery charges in peak time for lunch or dinner, you can charge extra money from customers.

Advertising Third-party services on the platform – If you have massive traffic on your platform, you can have an opportunity to charge advertisement costs by allowing restaurants to place their banners or listings on your platform.

A food delivery platform has an option to advertise the restaurant at an additional cost. In an app, advertising means listing a restaurant for a while on top search results.

Earnings Through Daily Deals – Food Delivery apps are now one step forward as they have tied up with multiple restaurants by offering them exciting deals. Using the deals, restaurants can deliver their best foods at superb prices through delivery apps. Once opt for deals, those restaurants are started to showcase on the deal pages of the app. They can also make use of these deals to showcase sell-side dishes along with the discounted ones.

Email Marketing – Email marketing is one of the best monetization ways that help increase engagement. The more engagement means, the more revenue you will earn. You can start approaching people through an app with a quality email market that includes new promotions, deals, offers, and codes for the latest offers. This way, you can keep people connected with the brand by sending them regular emails containing the latest discounts, further helping increase the frequency of purchases.

Top Food Delivery Apps That Pay The Most

Many food delivery apps are available out there, but we listed the top delivery apps that pay the most.


  • Highest pay per hour
  • Guaranteed pay
  • Detailed order information
  • Highly encouraged for customers
  • Fantastic driver support


  • More average pay
  • Incentives
  • Delivery and ridesharing in one app

Are You Ready To Launch Your Own Food Delivery App?

Now that you are much aware of how food delivery services make money, the next is to launch your delivery app and start making money. Running a food delivery business is a promising business idea; you can go and earn profits just like UberEats and GrubHub. Your customers are also now more towards ordering food online, and for this getting such a business type up and running can be very successful.

As long as you have an app in place with various restaurants to serve the users – you can start making money right from commissions, delivery costs, and other revenue streams. If you’ve finally decided to enter the food industry with your unique money-making idea food delivery startup, contact the highly experienced developers today!

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