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  • What to Consider When Buying a Vacuum Valve

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Vacuum valves are made from different materials since they are used for different purposes. These purposes include but are not limited to throttling, isolation, and air admittance. Vacuum systems cannot work without vacuum valves.

However, each system has a different need, which you need to have a good knowledge of before you can make any purchase. Compatibility, durability, and suitability are some of the factors you must look into before making any significant choice.

You also need to be aware of the best type that suits your need. Check whether you would like to use a high vacuum gate valve or otherwise. The types of valves include butterfly, gate ball, inline, and all-metal, among others.

Vacuum range

Low and medium

You can easily use commercial valves that are meant for pressure service in low-range applications. Any normal valve is also used within this range without causing any inconveniences.

A ball type, for example, has several features that make it easier for you to use it on a low range. The diaphragm type is made from materials that easily degrade; hence it is only prudent to use them in the same category.

Butterfly types come in small sizes and allow straight flow making them convenient to use while at the same time cutting on cost. Gate types mainly used to control the flow of processed fluids have actuation in both manual and electromagnetic forms.

High and very high

This category requires fine qualities that are well polished and properly machined. These include fine quality butterflies and gate types. Since they have high gassing-out rates, they are always installed in systems with metallic seals.

Ultra-high and extremely high

These ranges require they have a low gassing out rate and hence are fabricated using stainless steel or any other material deemed suitable.

They have interiors that are of very high quality which are very well polished. They are mostly used in systems that are Oxygen Free High Conductivity. They are very useful in minimizing the gassing out rates.

If need be, they can be baked using higher temperatures to reduce gassing out rates. See this link to read more about installing a check valve


There is a wide variety of kinds, primarily on the basis of the material used. Materials used are just as important as the kind of processes involved. The material has to be compatible with the process where the valve needs to be used.

Compatibility with the fluid also allows room for durability, without which the item is highly likely to be rendered useless within a short duration of time. Some of the materials used include brass, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Bake-out temperatures, materials used on other parts, and the pressure range should be considered too. Costs of the material also play a role in the selection of material.

In some cases, various materials can be used, but you need to choose one that fits your need and your budget too. Materials used will always come into contact with the fluids being processed, which is why you need to be careful with your choices.

Parts that come into contact include the ball, disk, bellow, and plug, but this happens according to the type of valve that was made use of. The best materials are always those with a low gassing rate since they allow you to avoid contaminating the operating vacuum processes.

vacuum cleaner repair

Vacuum Cleaner Repair

Design and size

The size should always be considered after you have considered the process. Size and design are largely determined by the applications. Small valves have diameters of less than 2 inches, while large ones have diameters of more than 2 inches.

Maximum conductance is necessary for gas flow and for maximum operation. When choosing the size, you need to check out the system’s geometry. They have to be of the same size as the valves, without which they cannot work effectively.

Most vacuum valves will either have a corner, be semi-straight, or be straight. The right geometry guarantees you proper conductance, proper flow, and appropriate conductance. You should also check out the characteristics of the fluid flow in helping you choose the appropriate valve.


Control involves partially or fully opening and closing as per the requirements. Control is mainly done by the sliding sleeves flexible membranes, disk, or rotating plug.

It is good for you to note that even in cases where low conductance for control valves dictate that it can never be installed between a vacuum volume and a pump. Needle types provide you with precise control of the flow.

You can move it to change the rate of gas flow and conductance. Air vacuum and flashing types help in admitting air at low pressure, which makes sure various equipment within the system are safe from damage.


Valves are very vital in vacuum systems. Most of them can carry out multiple functions, which is why you need to put the mentioned aspects into consideration to determine which types suit your need in the best way. For you to make a good choice, you need a wide range of information concerning materials geometry, size, range flow, capacity, temperature, durability, installation, and cleaning, among other very important dynamics. Furthermore, as you search for a valve, you need to have in mind that none will ever meet all the ideal features on its own, which means you have to compromise some aspects as you make your choices. Before making purchases seek to hear from professionals about any changes that may have happened over time.

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