features of flc600 series flow controller
  • FLC600 Series: Liquid Flow Rate Controller For Industrial Purpose

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A flow controller is useful in regulating the amount of pressure in a fluid. They are used in conjunction with pipes to monitor the rate of flows in variables. These controllers use signals to read the sensors, and in response, they either open or close the valves’ gates.

Features of the FLC6OO series flow controller

Flow control valves

flc600 series flow controller valves

FLC600 Series Flow Controller Valves

The flow controller is with small and light internal sensors that help in the industries’ cooling process. They help in the cooling of the water. They have a high and reliable motor. It is useful in assisting with the response and lasting effect of the flow controller’s functioning. The flow valves are to fit in all types of oils used in the production sectors. They are not appropriate to a particular kind of fat.

The valves can be closed. They have a faster response with the external shut off valves. The flow controllers help in replacing the shutoff valves faster when the shut off is necessary. All this is through the help of the needle valve. It is essential to where the valve can work through the system. The right choice of parameters prevents hunting and achieves the right choice of precision, and minimizes the needle movement.

Flow control valves are so important in the industrial application of these controllers. They regulate and limit the flow of the liquids. Their features help it to open and close to help retain the measurements desired. Their works are so efficient in the industrial set up. They require a constant amount of flow measurements in their functioning.


flc600 series flow controller

FLC600 Series Flow Controller

The flow controllers are with a controller that helps maintain the flow controls and the temperatures. They have an easy way to operate with the help of a button. Its method of operations is comfortable and not strenuous. The flow rate is made easy with the use of the old signals. These controllers have wide services: They take part in controlling the amount of discharge passing, and they take part in the batching of the signals.

The control readouts

They help link it out to external controllers for it to give the most appropriate rates. Flow rate selections are adequate with the help of different controllers in the flows. These multiple controllers aid in the various flow selections. They are common in hard times to provide the best. In most cases, the fluid flow rate under the program. Axial flow turbine meters and PID controller rotates to maintain the rule of the flow rates. They all have a readout to help in their function.

The flow controller can achieve consistent flow with the help of parallel paths. The down-stream pathways, which have different ways, can be joined by the change of controllers in the directions. The flow valves have many flow pathways. Through the paths, you can replace them, and with other components of your choice. It is to help the flow get to the direction of your choice for easy ratings.

How flow controllers’ work

working of flc600 series flow controller

Working of FLC600 Series Flow Controller

The flow controller has a helical turbine, which is hit by the liquid entering through the valve. Its velocity ids determine the help of the sensors in the valves. It then sends pulse streams that have a frequency control to the flow controller. With the use of the flow rate, the controller circuit can measure the flow rate. The controllers have geared DC stepper motors. These motors pulse in a needle valve to increase or decrease the targeted value flow rate. They help in producing the best for the rates provided.

Flow modes

The rate at which the flows exist varies. In these flow controllers, there are three types of modes in the flow: the parameter, preset, and external method mode. The parameter mode uses the controller key panel to set out the selected target rate of the flow. With the help of the outer controller key panel, one can choose the flow rates in use. The preset mode’s use determines and can make use of up to 4 user-selected flow rates. They are across three back contact closure, which helps in the measuring process. Rear panel selection aids in the selection of the flow rate processes.


In cases where there is a constant flow rate, the flow controllers are commonly used to rate their flows. In most cases, the device is used in the industries to carry out specific applications such as:

  • They deliver and control the rate of water and the cutting machines in the industries.
  • The flow controllers help to monitor the temperatures, which are for the molding process.
  • They control the rates of the cooling waters and dilute specific amounts of the fluids available.


The flow controllers are common in most industries; they provide the best rates for their fluids. They can automate the uses to bring in the pressure changes. The FLC600 series, flow controller to be precise, is the common one for the industry’s flow water rates. Its features help give the best in the application processes.

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