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Depression is usually present where there is low self-esteem. Having low self-esteem means we see ourselves in a negative and unforgiving light. It may be a struggle to assert and express how we feel to others.

If you struggle with your self-esteem, you could benefit from self-esteem coaching. A good self-esteem coach will help you to get to the root of your negative feelings about yourself and teach you how to change them. Some of the tips a good self-esteem coach may recommend are:

Be Careful of Negative Mind Talk:

If you tell ourselves the same negative things repeatedly, then we start to believe them. It is critical to be aware of your self-talk every day if you have low self-esteem. Having low self-esteem nearly always means that negative mind talk dominates our thoughts. It can be something that you do automatically without thinking. To change this – and you can change it! – be mindful of your thoughts throughout the day. Consider whether the expectations we have for ourselves are reasonable. Also, allow ourselves to make mistakes and learn from them, instead of making mistakes and putting ourselves down.

Limit your interactions with negative people:

As we get older, we may spend time with people that are negative and we do not really enjoy it. Being with them feels like an obligation. We might not know how to say ‘no’ and spend time with people who drag us down emotionally. Limit your time with people who encourage negative thoughts.

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Do not compare yourself to others:

We see what people want us to see. We live in a time where everyone projects their idealized versions of themselves online. Their being successful does not mean you failed. We often see a heavily edited version of their lives. You only see the best parts of their lives, and not that heartbreak, hard work and plenty of self-doubt. Comparing ourselves to others always will damage our self-esteem.

Break action items into small pieces:

Choose a task, dream, or goal and break it down into the smallest possible actions. Take the action, then repeat it. Every time you complete a small action, you grow your faith in your abilities. Tiny actions make bigger things possible.

Practice self-care:

Negative self-talk can be debilitating. But when we take little actions of self-care, we give those thoughts the middle finger. Take back some of the power. You ARE worthy of kindness and care!


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