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  • Talk It Out: 5 People You Can Discuss the Answers to Life’s Questions With

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Some questions in life don’t have definitive answers. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t explore these questions to find answers for your personal circumstances. When you find yourself contemplating the mysteries of the universe or of your day-to-day life, deep conversations can get you closer to the answers than if you allow the thoughts to float around in your head. Here are five people you can discuss the answers to life’s questions with.


Who better to talk about the meaning of life except for the clergy or religious leaders? No matter what organized religion you follow, you can schedule a time with your congregation’s leader to talk about some of your questions. They can use information from holy texts to give you comfort and do their best to help you find the answers that can best help you.


Psychics have a deeper connection to the universe than the average person. They can lend you an ear while you express your thoughts freely. They can also contribute with their own interpretations or impressions of your situation. Psychics can also use their gifts to dive deeper than you can do on your own.

Before getting a reading, do your research. ‘Psychic’ is a very broad term that encompasses individuals with a wide range of talents and skills. Find a psychic who you trust and who has the abilities necessary to help with your specific questions and situation.


A therapist will often focus on internal questions rather than broader, far-reaching questions. Their job is to help you find your way to personal mental health and satisfaction rather than answering grand philosophical questions. However, you can learn a lot by talking about your feelings with an objective third-party.

A therapist may point out the topics you emphasize to learn why you spend so much time thinking about those specific things. Together the two of you can evaluate your values and your needs. With those, your therapist can help you answer questions specific to your needs. They can also help you find ways to apply your discoveries to your daily life for lasting change.


You should feel comfortable talking to your spouse about everything, including questions or problems that may be bothering you. It can also ensure that you and your spouse are in agreement about the larger things in life.

Even if you disagree on certain conversation points, you and your partner will learn more about each other. This can help the two of you grow closer together as you gain a greater understanding of one another.

Friends and Family

Not all friends and family have the educational background to answer questions with scientific facts or references from literature or historical texts. However, they understand you and your unique experiences. This makes them particularly helpful when talking about such deep questions.

When you start stressing about what happens after death or why horrible things happen each and every day, it’s best to talk it out instead of letting it weigh on you. Any of these five groups of people can be a great help to talk to about the answers to life’s questions.

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