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  • Showcasing 3 Of The Most Charitable NFL Players

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When sports fans think of pro football, thinking about how much money players make every season seems to pop up in the conversation. To put it in perspective, for a sports fan to make as much money in a year as one of the highest-paid players in pro football they would either have to make bank in a legendary way with their favorite NFL picks against the spread, or work non-stop for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a whole year, which would still probably not get them up to the astronomical level football players are at.

While there are cases of players flashing their wealth and extravagant lifestyles daily for fans to witness, there are various cases of NFL players that are not about the showing off part of life and are more about the part of giving back and helping out their communities. Here we showcase three of the most charitable players in the NFL.

Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson has been one of the most talented and beloved players in the league in recent times. His playing style has brought him various accolades making him one of the best quarterbacks in the league in recent history and while all he does on the field is amazing, his work off the field is also one that can be considered amazing and should be praised just as much. Wilson, who is married to R&B star Ciara, is known in the Seattle area for being one of the most heavily involved NFL couples when it comes to charitable causes and fundraising to help out different social projects.

During the NFL season, Wilson is known to pay weekly visits to the Seattle Children’s Hospital where he spends his time sharing with children who are at the hospital battling different physical ailments. But his charitable efforts don’t stop there. Every offseason Wilson is the host of the multi-city “Russel Wilson Passing Academy”, which is a football camp dedicated to children and teenagers with the proceeds from the camp going to different health-driven and charity organizations. Wilson is known to be an advocate for supporting organizations like the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and the Charles Ray III Diabetes Association. Lastly in early 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic was starting to grab hold of everyone’s reality in the world, Wilson and his wife Ciara helped to donate over one million meals to those in dire needs because of the pandemic with the help of Food Lifeline.

Drew Brees

Former New Orleans Saints quarterback and bonafide NFL legend Drew Brees is one of the most respected football players on and off the field in the history of the NFL. After starting the Brees Dream Foundation in 2003 alongside his wife Brittany Brees, all in honor of the latter’s aunt passing due to cancer, their foundation has helped immensely in allowing cancer patients to have better care conditions as well as in funding research works towards finding cures for the disease. But it was in 2005 that Brees and his family came up as giants for the city of New Orleans and all surrounding places when they were at the forefront of all the humanitarian efforts to help Hurricane Katrina victims as they tried to start their lives over.

It has been estimated that over the years, and after helping raise funds as well as partnering up with other different charitable organizations Brees and company, by himself or through his foundation has been able to donate around $35 million, with money going from helping different medical organizations around the world in their battles to eradicate diseases, to money being given to youth organizations to allow struggling children and teenagers have a different and positive outlook in life moving forward. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Brees Dream Foundation has also donated $5 million to the state of Louisiana as well as another $5 million to the Ochsner Health System to be able to rebuild the healthcare centers anywhere in Louisiana and close by.

Richard Sherman

While on the field, cornerback Richard Sherman has collected a reputation of being one of the toughest defenders to play against given his exploding levels of intensity and competitiveness, off the field Sherman has become a leader for his community in the battle to help youngsters who might struggle economically and socially get ahead in life and build a more prosperous future for themselves. Sherman, through his Blanket Coverage – The Richard Sherman Family Foundation NPO, which was founded in 2013 has taken the battle to stop children and teenagers from low-income backgrounds and communities to see their lives and aspirations derailed because of their reality.

Through his foundation, Sherman has been able to provide these children and teenagers with school supplies, clothing, living essentials, and fees for educational costs. His foundation is known for raising thousands of dollars constantly for its mission to be met without any hesitation. Sherman as well has been known for donating vast amounts of the money he earns from his playing wagers as well as endorsement and publicity deals all towards the goals his foundation continuously wishes to achieve.

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