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  • Miss the Stadiums? Here’s How to Feel Closer to Your NFL Team

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  • Published Date: February 15, 2021
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During this pandemic time that we are living in, we had to learn how to live on the internet and social networks, talk to each other through online chats, watch live shows from our favorite singers, pay more attention to the news from our country, and the world, and learn new hobbies.

However, the games and championships in the world of sports need to continue, and it may be a way for us to keep ourselves entertained, or also not to interrupt the sports calendar. As an incentive to stay home and not contaminate each other, many leagues like the NBA and NHL are playing their championships with stadiums completely empty but using monitors with their fans’ faces as an incentive for the game.

However, despite the vast majority of NFL teams playing with empty stadiums, a minority preferred to play at a maximum of 50% of their capacity. But there are other ways to feel close to your favorite team without having to be at the stadiums, so we’ve prepared a mini guide for you!

Fantasy Football

Make no mistake about the name, this game is not about wizards, the medieval era, or an RPG world. Fantasy Football allows you to be part of your favorite NFL team, being able to experience what it is like to have control of your squad and make certain decisions so that your team triumphs and brings the trophy home.

For those who don’t know, the professional football season has 32 teams forming the NFL, aiming for the postseason and coveting the dream trophy Vince Lombardi after winning the Super Bowl.

Within the game, fans can compete within their own league against other players, select that free agent who can make a difference, propose exchanges, carry out everything necessary for the victory of the virtual championship. The athletes that make up each squad are selected through a draft, and their points earned are based on their performance on the field in real life. If you want a bit of advantage over your rivals, be sure to take advantage of the best NFL lineup optimizer around.

One of the most fascinating aspects of the game is exactly its flexibility, with several variations, such as differences in scoring patterns, draft styles, number of players in the league, etc. And as the competition takes place within private leagues, the rules can be adapted according to the will of the members, not having that obligation to comply with pre-established parameters.

Although the game has been quite popular since the 90s, it was created in the mid-60s, by Oakland Raider’s entrepreneur and partner, Wilfred Winkenbach. At the time, the cast of each member was composed of two quarterbacks, two fullbacks, four offensive ends, two returners, two kickers, two defensive backs or linebackers, and two defensive line players.

However, it was only in 97 when CBS launched the first virtual Fantasy Football platform, which, of course, took over the market, and within a few years, all major sports networks would have launched their own versions of the game. It is estimated by NBC that 19 million people in the United States compete annually in public and private gaming leagues.

Social Media Lives

Another way to know a little more about your team, the players and to be “close” to the world of football is through social networks. Through them, you can receive news about your team, measures being taken for the next season, sweepstakes, and even live sessions with the players.

Besides, following the players’ social networks is also not invasive, but a way to get to know your favorite player a little more, see the training, understand attack methods in the games, and whether or not they want to see the lives of these players.

A good addition is also to follow the social media of other fans who talk about the team 24/7, bringing news, articles, and facts about the NFL and the team in question, being a way to integrate with the team as well as meeting new people. It is also always good to be connected to news networks such as ESPN, SportTV, FOX Sports, among others.

Bets and More Bets

The world of betting is a game that is often complicated to play and participate in, and it can lead many people to lose a lot of money and even acquire gambling addictions. However, it costs nothing to practice in moderation, and bets can also become a way to know and understand more about your team, and even about the NFL itself.

Don’t Be Discouraged, Soon We Will All Return to The Stadiums!

It may seem that the pandemic will still take time to end, for the stadiums to return to the joy of the fans when they enter the arena, to be full of people excited about another game of their favorite team, that anxiety during the game, but not being in the stadiums doesn’t mean that you care less about your team, or that you don’t want to know.

There are several other ways for you to be present for your team, to receive news from it, to be integrated into the NFL society, so cheer up, soon it will pass. Soon we will be back like crazy in the stadiums!

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